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Date Joined 12 year ago
Category Part-time Tutor
Age Range 31 to 40
Rank 4 (Top 1%)
Qualification Rating 4
+ Experience Rating 53
+ Feedback Rating 8.8
= Total Rating 65.8

Qualifications and Experience


Ivy Li

2004 Bachelor (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Australia, Melbourne)
Bachelor of Business (Computing)
2001 Diploma (Temasek Polytechnic)
Diploma in Information Technology
- Trinity College London certification
- Guildhall School of Music and Drama certification
- Australian Mathematics Competition
Experience 16-18 Years of full and part time tutoring/teaching experience. Best in teaching Chinese and Maths due to academic background and strong family influence/interest.

My favourite subject is Maths, due to the ability and passion in solving and challenging problem sums. Have local and foreign students hence able to translate to other languages (Chi, Eng, Cantonese) for easier comprehension.

Experienced in teaching 1-to-1 home tuitions and small groups of 2-8 students in tuition centres and home settings.

A private O level student had borderline problems in E Maths previously but was now able to do 80-90% of the questions correctly (less the careless mistakes). He was motivated as I always encourage him to push himself when others may bring him down by saying that he may not be able to achieve. After all, my students are young teenagers, they still have time and good opportunities to excel so I hope to lead them in the correct direction. Some students can feel lost when choosing courses during Sec 2 or Sec 4, I have always advised them to pursue their dreams. They also need a lot of moral support from the people around them as well.

A sec 3 Express student had problems in A maths (logarithms) and after 1 session, she was able to solve all of them for her class test.

A sec 2 NA boy passed his Sci test (first time in Secondary) with just 1 lesson prior test date. I recommend consistencies as this is not a good habit for all students as they may rely on tutors too much during test period. My goal is to help students equip the skills and mentality to want solve problems themselves independently.

All of my ex-PLSE students passed for year 2012 and one child passed Maths for the 2nd time in her whole Pri school life.

I am here to advocate that tuition is not for life. More importantly, I am here to continuously encourage and build students' determination and hard work, so that they can be independent without tuition and to foster regular practice on their own, as they grow. I am also here to teach in a different way more suitable for your child, which the school teacher may not to able to teach according to every child's learning style.

Patient (taught 5students (Pri/Sec) with ADHD), have creative and encouraging methods to assist them improve in the subjects as I need to get their attention and make the subject interesting and interactive so that they can continue to focus and look forward to the next lesson. It is definitely better when parents are able to share more about the student's habits, likes and dislikes, attitude as it really helps to create a more engaging and fruitful lesson. I will be strict if students fail to complete homework and will relate this to parents.

I share real life experiences (when appropriate) with the students to expand their general knowledge. I have also tutored foreign students living in Singapore (from Germany, China, Macau, Korea). I frequently update and discuss with parents about their children's progress, weaknesses, ways to improve - not only their on the scoreboard but also in building up the good character. I make it a point to always guide the students from wrong to right (eg. during cases of cheating, copying, arrogance, impoliteness, etc).
Commitment I believe that time management and patience is very important and I will plan my schedules ahead. Will try to get different schools' exam papers for students' revision depending on students' progress and foundation. Always try to complete stipulated tasks planned during the session so that the students can be on the track of improvement. This also requires the student to co-operate by finishing given tuition work, but will also discuss the workload if he/she has problems. I believe that self discipline in finishing the work can help push the limits of the student. I believe in consistent daily practice but not at the expense of their healthy lifestyle which should include proper rest, exercise and family time.

Able to provide extra tuition during school holidays or exam periods (upon request or I may communicate with the parents if I feel the student really needs a lot more) as those are the most crucial or best times for students to catch up on their studies N be ahead of others.

I'll make sure that the student learns and enjoys each lesson so that the teacher-student relationship can be enhanced, as it assists me in getting the student more engaged during lesson - the student listens and asks, which is more productive.Tuition is conducted in various ways, be it from books, assessments, through conversations, impromptu QnAs as students have different abilities to adapt to the the various teaching.

I will do my best to come up with the most appropriate teaching method for each student and discuss with the parents too. I will provide feedback to parents/guardians constantly, either verbally, via Startutor system or over sms.

For secondary school students, I think sharing with them like they are adults, helps to build their confidence and maturity, as well as acceptance. It is part of how I want to conduct my lessons with them while we mutually respect each other.

Activities with us


Ivy Li

Assignments 51
Area Level Subjects
NE O3 English
NE P5 English, Chinese, Maths, Science
NE P3 English, Chinese, Maths, Science
NE P3 Chinese
NE P3 English, Chinese, Maths, Science
E O2 Maths
NE P5 Maths, Science
NE O2 Maths, Science
E O Maths
NE P4 Chinese
NE P4 English, Maths, Science
E P3 English, Maths, Science
N P6 Maths, Science
NE O3 Chinese
NE O2 Chinese
NE P5 Chinese
NE P2 Chinese, Maths
NE P3 Chinese, Maths
NE P2 Chinese
NE P6 Chinese, Maths
NE P5 Chinese
NE P5 Chinese
NE P6 English, Maths, Science
NE P6 Chinese
NE P4 Chinese
NE O2 Maths
NE O2 Chinese
- O2 Maths, Science
E P5 English, Science
NE P2 English, Maths
NE P5 Maths, Science
NE P6 English, Maths, Science
NE P3 Chinese, Maths
NE O2 Chinese, Maths
NE P4 Chinese, Maths
NE P6 Maths, Science
- P6 Maths, Science
NE P0 Chinese
E O1 Maths
NE O2 Chinese
E P5 Chinese, Higher Chinese, Creative Writing
E P6 Maths, Science
NE P6 Maths
NE O2 Science
NE P3 Maths
NE P5 Chinese, Maths
C P5 Chinese, Maths
NE P4 Maths
NE O2 Maths
E P4 Maths
E O2 Chinese, Maths
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Ivy Li

Preferred Area
A Level -
O Level Maths
Primary English
Music -
Language Chinese
Computer Windows