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Date Joined 13 year ago
Category Teacher
Age Range 31 to 40
Rank 16 (Top 2%)
Qualification Rating 14
+ Experience Rating 13
+ Feedback Rating 0.0
= Total Rating 27.0

Qualifications and Experience


Jacq Zeng

2014 Others (National University of Singapore)
Graduate Students' Teaching Award
2013 Others (National University of Singapore)
Best Teaching Assistant Award, Dept of Chinese Studies
2011 Others (Awards - Most Inspiring Chinese Teacher in year 2011)
Awards - Most Inspiring Chinese Teacher
2007 Diploma (Nanyang Technological University)
Postgraduate Diploma in Education (Specialisation in teaching at Secondary School Level) with Credit
2006 Bachelor (National University of Singapore)
Bachelor of Arts in Chinese Studies - Second Class Upper Honours
2003 Scholarship (Ministry of Education)
2001 GCE A (Tunku Abdul Rahman College, Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur)
STPM - General Paper (A), Chinese Language (A), Economics (A), Mathematics
1999 GCE O (SMJ Seg Hwa Secondary School, Malaysia)
SPM - Malay (2), English Language (1), Moral Knowledge (1), History (2), Mathematics (1), Additional Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Chinese (2)

Year 2011

1. "Most Inspiring Chinese Teacher Award" of 2011, which is jointly organised by ZaoBao and Singapore Middle School Chinese Teachers Association and supported by MOE. News reported on 29 May 2011 on Lianhe Zaobao.

Year 2012 - 2013

2. "Best Teaching Assistant Award", awarded by Department of Chinese Studies, FASS, NUS

3. "Graduate Students' Teaching Award", awarded by Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences, NUS. Certificate dated 30 Aug 2014.
Experience June 2007 - Aug 2012 Teaching in government school, teaching mainly O-level Higher Chinese and A-level H1 General Studies in Chinese.

Aug 2012 - May 2014 Studying my master degree in NUS while working as a Teaching Assistant in NUS.

June 2014 - Present - working in education sector.

Tuition experience Teaching tuition since year 2001. 13 years of experience in teaching - Preschool Chinese tuition (under age of 6) - P1 to P6 Chinese / Higher Chinese - Sec 1 to Sec 4 Express Chinese / Higher Chinese - JC H1 Chinese & H1 General Studies in Chinese (aka GP in Chinese)

I have tutored more than 30 students (I only take up to 2 assignment at one time). And most of my students stayed with me until they complete O-level.


- Customize tuition based on students' language ability and study needs. - Familiar with the syllabus and exam system in Singapore.

- Able to build good rapport with students.

- Always focus on building the foundation of the student. Make tuition a fun-learning process and yet able to be "exam-oriented" when needed.
Commitment Prefer weekend. Weekday night time can be arranged. 2-hours session per week.

During first lesson, student will need to sit for a paper test that set by me. And later on, we can discuss on the teaching mode and commitment, based on student's standard. However, for me, students' attitude and commitment are more important than their language ability.

Students can choose to come to my place to have tuition.

Activities with us


Jacq Zeng

Assignments 11
Area Level Subjects
S P0 Higher Chinese
- O2 Chinese
NW P4 Chinese
NE O2 Higher Chinese
C P4 Chinese
C P6 Chinese
NW P6 Chinese
W O4 Chinese
C L1 Chinese
- P4 Chinese
NW P6 Higher Chinese
SMS Response 0
Progress Written 0

Preferred Area, Subjects and Schedule


Jacq Zeng

Preferred Area
A Level Chinese
O Level Chinese
Higher Chinese
Primary Chinese
Higher Chinese
Music -
Language Chinese
Computer -