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Date Joined 13 year ago
Category Teacher
Age Range 31 to 40
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Qualifications and Experience


Fong Qi Min

National University of Singapore - Bachelor Arts and Social Sciences in Geography with Honours

O Level (Commonwealth Secondary School), English (B3), Chinese (A1), E Maths (A1), A Maths (A1), Chemistry (B3), Biology (B4), Geography (A2), Social Studies (A2)
Experience Having graduated from National University of Singapore as a geography major, I have always enjoyed teaching geography to students. It is something I am passionate about meeting young people and yet I can pursue my interest in the subject.

I have been tutoring students for almost 6 years by now. As for my most recent tutee, his grades for Pure geography improved from E8 to C5, after one month of coaching with me. I am currently since working with him to prepare him for his upcoming O levels.

As for the rest of my tutees, I have worked with them for a period, which ranges from two to three years, and have progressed with them all the way up till O levels. They have achieved A1s/A2s for their Olevels or a A for their those under the Integrated Program. This allows me to maintain a steady pool of fresh materials and provided me the opportunity to be familiar with the syllabus from both O levels and IP curriculum.

While many see Geography is a pure memory work subject, I believe in giving students the bigger idea of seeing Geography to help them learn. It is my greatest desire to let them be interested in learning through discussion and perfecting their technique to write in order to better express themselves. I strive to let each lesson with me be one where they are know something more about the subject and at the same time, understand what is the best way for them to learn.
Commitment I can start as soon as possible and I will be able to commit for the rest of the year and the next year.

I usually work with students all the way up till they are in Secondary four.

Activities with us


Fong Qi Min

Assignments 4
Area Level Subjects
- P4 English, Maths
W P4 English, Maths
W O2 E Maths, Science
NE O3 Geography, Social Studies
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Fong Qi Min

Preferred Area W
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O Level Maths
E Maths
A Maths
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