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Date Joined 9 months ago
Category Others
Age Range 21 to 25
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Theodore Lee

Experience This is my first time tutoring thus I am willing to take slightly lower rates for whichever level I am tutoring. I specialise in Maths,Physics and Chemistry. My preferential method of teaching would be a few chapters per lesson, simply because (based on my experience teaching my batchmates in school) it helps to provide a clearer scope of the lesson and helps in focusing on whatever pertinent issues the student face. Moreover it helps to refine the student's mastery of the subject one chapter at a time so he/she can retain as much knowledge as possible even after they study other chapters/subjects.
Commitment I will be able to start teaching perhaps until June 2020 where I will have to prepare for university.

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Theodore Lee

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Theodore Lee

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A Level Maths
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A Maths
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