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Elliot Koh

I am currently studying in Eunoia Junior College, Year 2. I will be receiving my A level certificate next year, 2020.
Experience I have taught in a tuition center before, specifically, Joy Quest Tuition Center. I have taught sciences (biology, chemistry and physics) as well as mathematics at secondary school level, at the tuition center. I love teaching students and I hope to improve their grades. My main philosophy in teaching is not just to teach students to achieve the best results possible, but rather, to make students interested and passionate about the subjects, making it a more conducive form of education.
Commitment I can start any time and I am pretty flexible on the timings. However, I will not be able to make it in the afternoons for weekends as well as morning/afternoons for weekdays (due to school).

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Elliot Koh

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Elliot Koh

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