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Delon Lim

I am a prospective NUS Chemical Engineering and management (double major) student in the year 2019.
Experience I have taught my friend's brother, P6 math for half a year. He improved his grade from C to A.
Commitment I believe that all students are able to excel in their studies, given the right method of learning. Students need to have a goal and in mind, in order to achieve their desired grades. If students lack the will to study, even the best teachers cannot help. I have a passion to help students achieve great results and as I feel a sense of achievement as well. I am able to incorporate various explanations in order to deliver a concept to help students understand it better. Moreoever, I believe that identifying students' weaknesses are key in ensuring they ace their examinations. As a Junior College graduate, I am able to teach secondary and primary students well as I have the additional knowledge to explain further in dept if students are interested in learning more. It also broadens their knowledge, more than what the textbook teaches.

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Delon Lim

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Delon Lim

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