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Date Joined 2 year ago
Category Undergrad
Age Range 21 to 25
Rank 185 (Top 21%)
Qualification Rating 3
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Qualifications and Experience


Chiew Yue Han Joshua

2016 GCE A (Serangoon Junior College)
General Paper (B), Physics (A), Chemistry (A), Economics (B), Mathematics (A)
Experience Im an Alevel graduate who has just finished serving national service.

I was from Yishun Town Secondary School and took triple science. Throughout secondary 4, I was constantly the top 40 in the level. I went to Serangoon Junior College despite a less than ideal OLEVEL result and took 4H2 subjects. From J1 to J2, I was placed on the Deans List for good results during exams. I graduated with 88/90 rank points, together with an excellent conduct grade. Also, I was a Student Leader in the school. Moreover, I was awarded the Mother Tongue Language award and the Academic Distinction Award during College Day.

I currently have a place in Aerospace Engineering, NTU which is one of the top course there. I have been awarded a scholarship in NTU due to my decent A level results as well as my good overall holistic performance and testimonies from my teachers.

Im confident that I can help you/your child with his/her academic concerns to achieve academic success!

I will be able to coach Maths, Chemistry, Physics, Chinese for Primary, Secondary and Junior College levels.
Commitment I can start asap until July next year before my university starts. Also, I will be going overseas during late December.

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Chiew Yue Han Joshua

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Chiew Yue Han Joshua

Preferred Area N,NE,NW
A Level Chinese
O Level Chinese
E Maths
A Maths
Primary Chinese
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