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Date Joined 2 year ago
Category Part-time Tutor
Age Range 21 to 25
Rank 131 (Top 15%)
Qualification Rating 5
+ Experience Rating 2
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Qualifications and Experience


Quek Kenneth

2017 GCE A (Raffles Institution (Junior College))
General Paper (B), Mathematics (A), English Language & Linguistics (A), Literature in English (A), History (B), Literature in English (H3) (Merit)
2017 Others (Raffles Institution Junior College)
Top in Mathematics
2017 Testimonial (Raffles Institution)
Experience I am an alumnus of Raffles Institution with a strong passion for writing and teaching, and signed up to be a tutor to accrue experience in both fields. Having taught friends and family casually since I was in Secondary 4, I helped my sister improve her English grade from a C5 to an A1 with a month of regular teaching. I am currently teaching H2 History and English Language and Linguistics at the JC level to two of my juniors.

My former teachers' methods have impressed on me the belief that learning is most effective when coming from someone who is relatable. I strive to be a personable and candid teacher, capable of both sharing the frameworks and systems I used as a student and enjoying good humoured conversation about the subject to foster sincere interest. That way, my students can enjoy both a structured sense of confidence in tackling the subject and a passion for it as well.

In Junior College, I topped the level in H1 Mathematics, and was on the Dean's List for both General Paper and Literature. I have also never fallen below the 75th percentile for either of them.
Commitment I have a very flexible schedule, and am free from 630pm onwards on weekdays. My weekends are free, other than 2pm-6pm on Saturdays. I can start lessons asap, but will be taking a 9 day holiday from 27 October to 4 November.

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Quek Kenneth

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Quek Kenneth

Preferred Area NE
A Level General Paper
O Level English
Primary English
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