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Date Joined 2 year ago
Category Ex-Teacher
Age Range 41 to 50
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Qualifications and Experience


Deepak Balakrishnan

I am an ex-teacher from MOE and have experience teaching / tutoring the English Language from Primary level up to O level students. I also have experience teaching / tutoring Literature at O levels.
Experience Generally the Primary and Secondary school classes and private tution students improve in their grades. This is due to the Reading and Writing strategies employed. KWL, DRTA and reading for both meaning and word classes are methods used for reading strategies.

Writing methods include the Writing process, teacher/peer conferences. Writing at sentence and paragraph levels. Language and text features of a passage are also used.

Private tution students generally improved after about 6-8 weeks. Encouragement, systematic tutoring and hard work produces this development.
Commitment I am able to start form August 13 onwards.

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Deepak Balakrishnan

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Deepak Balakrishnan

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