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Muhammad Syafiq Bin Khairon

I am reading Electrical and Computer Engineering in National University of Singapore. I am in my final year of study. I took 'O' and 'A' Level.
Experience I have been tutoring for the past 10 years. Taught 12 students (Primary 3 to JC2) and 5 of them were taking national PSLE/ 'O' Level. I have rendered assistance to students in the following subjects (Primary) Mathematics, (Primary) Science, (Primary) English, (Secondary) E-Mathematics, (Secondary) A-Mathematics, (Secondary) Physics, (Secondary) Geography and (JC) H1/H2 Mathematics. On the average, students improved by at least 2 grades (especially Mathematics and Science subjects). I have helped students to attain Express Stream T-scores for their PSLE and another student in achieving A2 for his A-Mathematics and B3 for his E-Mathematics although he was scoring below average for his school tests and examinations. Method of teaching For the first few weeks, I would go through all the topics that the student has learnt and identify the topics that the student is weak in. I would revise and highlight the key-points of the topic before continuing with exercises of those topics. For every session, I would dedicate time to revisit the identified topics. From my tutoring experience, schools tend to rush in completing their teaching syllabus and students often ignore, overlook and do not fully understand the concepts being taught. Hence, I will fill in that void by revising with the students the topics learnt to strengthen their foundation. I would often provide tips and alternative methods for students to verify and check their answers. This is very effective for Mathematics and
Commitment I can start immediately. I am available on weekends.

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Muhammad Syafiq Bin Khairon

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Muhammad Syafiq Bin Khairon

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