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Date Joined 2 year ago
Category Undergrad
Age Range 21 to 25
Rank 396 (Top 45%)
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Qualifications and Experience


Tan Jie Ying

I am currently student in NTU, Bachelor of Accountancy and Business (double degree).
Experience I have a 6-month experience teaching P6 Chinese, Math and Science (till end of PSLE). After giving tuition to the P6 boy, his grades have improved significantly from fail to A and B.

I have a one year experience in teaching Sec 1E Chinese, Math and Science, which his grades have improved from D7, C5 and C6 to B3, A1 and A2 respectively. I am currently still tutoring the boy for his Sec 2E Chinese, Math and Science. Awaiting for progress.

I am currently tutoring a girl for Sec 4E Chinese. Awaiting for progress.
Commitment I can start asap and can continue for long-term. However, I will be going for a student exchange from Aug to Dec 2019.

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Tan Jie Ying

Assignments 2
Area Level Subjects
NW O4 Chinese
W P4 Chinese
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Tan Jie Ying

Preferred Area W
A Level -
O Level Chinese
E Maths
Primary Chinese
Higher Chinese
Music -
Language Chinese
Computer -