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Date Joined 3 year ago
Category Fulltime Tutor
Age Range 50 and above
Rank 435 (Top 49%)
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Qualifications and Experience


William Chay

1997 Masters (The University of Birmingham)
Master of Business Administration
1991 Bachelor (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology)
Bachelor of Business
Experience I have experience teaching in a Primary School as a full-time contract teacher for three years in Maths, Science, English. I am a full-time tutor for Primary School students on one to one assignments. I also conduct group tuition in Maths for Primary School students from my home centre. I have given full-time tuition for the last ten years. Throughout the years, I have students whom have improved their grades exponentially, salvage some who were on the fringes in their results.

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William Chay

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William Chay

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