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Date Joined 2 year ago
Category Part-time Tutor
Age Range 26 to 30
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Qualifications and Experience


Winston Soh

2015 Bachelor (University at Buffalo)
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
Experience I am a tutor specialized in teaching Mathematics and English to students from primary 1 all the way till sec 4.

I have 1 year experience in giving English tution to secondary 3 and 4 O-level students. within a year, their grades have improved from a C5 - B3 range to an A2 - A1 range. How i do this is through a two step process.

1. Improving basic grammar and vocabulary through practical conversing and writing. Having them share their daily visuals and emotions through what they currently have and helping them to find emotive words to better express themselves

2. Improving their comprehension skills by doing in depth critical assessment of readings and articles. Not only does this prepare them for O-levels, it gives them and added edge when they head to junior colleges.

I have 2 students under me for Mathematics for the past 1.5 years, one at primary 6 and one at sec 2. The primary school tutee has completed his PSLE with and A from a fail grade within 9 months. As for the secondary school tutee, he has achieved his first 80 plus marks exam at the end of year for maths.

I teach math through real life examples and giving them open ended situations. For example, for primary school division, i often ask them to plan a birthday party and split the costs among friends and estimating the food to order. This real life scenarios makes them see the importance of learning math.

I provide bi - weekly updates to parents as well and i would condu
Commitment I am able to start immediately and can commit everyday of the week.

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Winston Soh

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Winston Soh

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