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Date Joined 3 year ago
Category Part-time Tutor
Age Range 50 and above
Rank 210 (Top 24%)
Qualification Rating 4
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Qualifications and Experience


Vinit Sarangdhar

1997 Masters (JBIMS, University of Mumbai, India)
Master of Management Studies Degree
1993 Masters (University of Pune India)
Master of Science
Experience One must to be a good student to be a good teacher.. I have two Masters from reputed universities and have bagged several scholarships right from the primary to university level.I have beensuccessful in both conventional education and competitive examinations. Though I am taking teaching students formally as a new occupation, I have tutored students from time to time and have also conducted several trainings in the organisations I worked in over the last twenty years. I amunderstanding, supportive and encouraging while teaching children. Ican ensure students staycurious, interested and motivated in the subjects I teach. My teaching methods would adapt to the requirements of the curriculum, personality and proficiency of the students and time available. Generally speaking, I would have a good mix of formal teaching, exercises, research, project work, games, etc. I am looking forward to working with students to help them learn, improve results and excel!
Commitment I can start asap and will be able to do it till the end of next year.

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Vinit Sarangdhar

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Vinit Sarangdhar

Preferred Area E,C
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