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Date Joined 4 year ago
Category Undergrad
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Lee Ting

I took my O levels in the year 2012 and attained A1 for both English and Chinese.
I went on to take my Diploma in Psychology Studies from 2013 and graduated in 2016.
I am currently pursuing my Bachelors in Psychological Science.
Experience I have helped my cousin with his homework, particularly Chinese and also English although he was already coping quite well in English. Although I did not receive any salary, we took our study sessions really seriously and we always made the study sessions like a tuition session between tutor and tutee. He has shown great improvements in writing and comprehension. This has helped him gain confidence in trying out answers for Chinese and Mathematics, even if he is not very sure of the answer. I believe that having the confidence and daring to try is a very big step and huge accomplishment to a student's positive attitude in learning and improving.
Commitment I can start as soon as possible and will be more than happy to discuss with parents and student on the confirmed length of my teaching period!

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Lee Ting

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Lee Ting

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