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Date Joined 4 year ago
Category Fulltime Tutor
Age Range 50 and above
Rank 455 (Top 51%)
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Qualifications and Experience


Danny Wu

Experience I am a Full Time Tutor with more than 15 years experience. I specialize in Primary Science, Lower Secondary Maths/ Science, Upper Secondary Account and JC Economics.

Successful track records with most students scoring 80 and above. Prior to becoming a Full Time Tutor, I have been in the banking industry for more than 18 years where the application of economics was an everyday affair.

Currently having 11 upper primary students. Competitive Advantage (1) I am able to offer long term commitment (full time tutor) (2) I am extremely well versed in MOE and SEAB syllabus (3) Teaching Style and approach Motivational cum consultational approach, coupled with the ability to explain concepts to students in a simplified and clear manner. Key to success is to achieve interest creation from students at the initial stage. Thereafter, we can move on to understanding of concepts, drilling and practices to build up confidence of students. (4) proven successful systematic learning process to be agreed with parents (5) extensive classroom teaching experiences
Commitment I can start asap and will be able to do so until end of 2017 at least, without breaks.

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Danny Wu

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Danny Wu

Preferred Area NE,C
A Level Economics
O Level Maths
Primary Chinese
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