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Date Joined 4 year ago
Category Part-time Tutor
Age Range 26 to 30
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Qualifications and Experience


Jia Yifan

I am a fresh graduate of Singapore University of Technology and Design, 1st class honor.
Experience I have been taught 3 students for totally 3 years as a private tutor.
The first boy is at primary 3 when I start to being as his sketching tutor. I worked well with his family, and they treat me as his big sister, sometimes his mom will call me to talk with him when they have conflicts. I tried to dig his talents and prove to his mom he is a smart boy. Finally they have established a better relationship and I became the only private tutor of him.

The second boy is from Secondary school, I have taught him for half year, and his math score has improved to 70 from around 20.
The third student is a girl from ACSI, her math is quite bad and most of time she failed on it. I only taught her before her exam, and after that she never failed ) and she went to London for further study this year.

My math score is always the highest of the whole class, and I have many methods to understand the knowledge and get high score in exam. There are many skills to pass the exam, I do believe many students they understand the knowledge but cannot get high mark in the exam, my strength is to teach the skills and dig their talents and help them be more confident and pass the exam.
Commitment I am available at any time at least for one month. I am waiting for the offer letter from my company, so I will soon go to work. After I started my work, I will be only available at weekends.

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Jia Yifan

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Jia Yifan

Preferred Area NE,C
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