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Date Joined 4 year ago
Category Part-time Tutor
Age Range 41 to 50
Rank 403 (Top 45%)
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Qualifications and Experience


Salimah Hariyani

2011 Diploma (Gnana Prabodini)
Diploma in Chinese and Adolescent Psychology
1998 Bachelor (University of Pune)
Bachelor of Science
Am Science Graduate and have done a Post Graduate Diploma in Child and Adolescent Psychology. Besides being with in IB environment have attended numerous workshops on Teaching- Learning, Assessments, Curriculum, Paedagogy, Sustainability etc.
Experience Am having an experience of IB Primary Years at Symbiosis International School, Pune for 7 years prior to which I've been with State board School for 5 years in Pune India.
My experience makes me believe to understand the various needs of diverse learners and best meet their interest in development of their learning. This includes currciulum development with differentiated approach and designing assessment in various styles.
Commitment With good planning and organization skills, am sure to keep well advanced informed for my commitments and going off.

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Salimah Hariyani

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Salimah Hariyani

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