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Date Joined 5 year ago
Category Others
Age Range 31 to 40
Rank 171 (Top 20%)
Qualification Rating 5
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= Total Rating 6.0

Qualifications and Experience


Ong Xuan Feng

2016 Testimonial ()
2013 Bachelor (University of Stirling)
Bachelor of Science with Honours in Aquaculture (Second Upper)
2013 Transcript (University of Stirling)
2013 Testimonial ()
2010 Scholarship ()
AVA Scholarship
2009 Testimonial ()
2007 GCE A (St Andrew's Junior College)
Economics (A), Chinese Language (A), Chinese Language (Oral/Aural) (Merit), Mathematics (A), Chemistry (A), Biology (A)
Returned government scholar in a science related course.
Experience Have 1.5 years of tutoring experience in the following subjects i) O level combine and pure sciences, and geography ii) Primary math, science, english and chinese.

Able to provide invaluable advices for scholarship and the application, especially for AVA, MND and MND-related agencies (e.g. HDB, URA, BCA, Nparks). Can also share on work experiences as a returned scholar and scientist in the public sector.

Willing to also advise on application to overseas universities (i.e. application processes, universities' ranking and recognition, essentials of living abroad, expenses etc).
Commitment Can start ASAP. Will have 1- to 2-week long business trips once or twice a year (dates are not fixed). Will take 1- to 2-week long personal trips once or twice a year, usually in the middle and start/end of the year.

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Ong Xuan Feng

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Ong Xuan Feng

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A Level Biology
O Level Biology
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