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Date Joined 4 year ago
Category Undergrad
Age Range 21 to 25
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Winnie Neo

2015 GCE A Prelim (Dunman High School)
General Paper (B), Geography (A), Chemistry (A), Mathematics (A), Physics (A)
Currently awaiting A Level results, graduated in 2015 from Dunman High School
Experience I am an A-level graduate, and I have completed the Integrated Programme (IP) in Dunman High School in 2015. I have teaching experience as I very frequently tutor my friends and juniors, and I have began professionally teaching this year. Being especially strong in Math and Physics, I have a solid foundation of my concepts and can teach them well.

I have constantly aced my exams in both secondary school and Junior College, which is proof of my strong grounding of concepts. I also took a H3 paper in Physics with NTU. Currently I have already secured both admission places and scholarships in local universities, and am going to pursue an Engineering degree starting 2016.

As an ex-JC student, I understand very well the struggles that each of us face as we enter one of the most important exams in our youth. Apart from Math and Physics, I have many tips and strategies on how to ace even challenging subjects like Chemistry.

One of the values I strongly follow is service, and this has made me enjoy teaching very much. I hope that I can not only help you in your studies, but make you more interested and excited to learn, which is the most fundamental aspect of education.
Commitment I am free during all weekdays, Saturday afternoons, and Sundays. My timings will be less flexible after I begin university later this year.

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Winnie Neo

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Winnie Neo

Preferred Area E
A Level Maths
O Level Maths
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