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Qualifications and Experience


Ng Mei Ling

2010 Diploma (Modern Montessori International)
Diploma in Pre-School Teaching
Diploma in Early childhood Education - Teaching

Specialist Diploma in Early Childhood Care and Education
Experience I have 8 years experience in teaching English and Math in a kindergarten. I am Montessori trained.
I have 4 years of tuition teaching experience in teaching K1 to primary 3 level. I am familiar with the school syllabus and i know what are the requirements for each level, each subject for the student to focus on in order to excel well.

My achievements are,

Kindergarten 2 student who had weak English foundation improved a lot for the language, was ready for primary 1 and excelled well in Primary 1.

Primary 1 student who is weak in English and had a failing grade for the subject, scored 80 marks after a few months of tuition with me.

Primary 2 student scored from 50+ marks to 80+ for her English.

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Ng Mei Ling

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Ng Mei Ling

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