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Date Joined 5 year ago
Category Fulltime Tutor
Age Range 31 to 40
Rank 82 (Top 9%)
Qualification Rating 0
+ Experience Rating 9
+ Feedback Rating 0.1
= Total Rating 9.1

Qualifications and Experience


Sharon Kwok

Tutor's certificates can be shown at first lesson.


2019 GCE A Level

A, B, B H2 Bio

B, B, B, B, C H2 Chem


2019 IGCSE

A*A* Co-ordinated Sci (ext)


2019 GCE O Level

A1, A2 Pure Chem

A2, B3 Pure Phy

A2 A Math


2019 IB

A, B Bio EE

B Chem EE

6, 6, 5 HL Bio

6, 5 HL Chem


2018 GCE A Level

A H2 Bio


2018 IGCSE

BB Co-ordinated Sci (ext)

A International Math (ext)

A Bio, Chem, Phy (Edexcel Triple)

A* Bio (Edexcel Double)

B Phy (Edexcel Double)


2018 GCE O Level

A1, A2, A2 Pure Bio

A1 Pure Chem

A2 E Math

A2 A Math


2018 IB

5 HL Bio


2017 IGCSE

A Bio, Chem, Phy (ext)

C Co-ordinated Sci (core)


2017 GCE O Level

A1, A2, B3 Pure Bio

A2, A2, B3 Pure Phy
Experience I have 11 years experience. Currently I teach daily with about 20-30 classes weekly.

I am known to be approachable and patient with students. I engage students in active learning and practice based on their learning styles and interests. Coming from a family of school teachers, I focus on imparting key learning points and developing confidence and proficiency in my students.


My students' schools

IB, IGCSE - HCIS, ACSI, SJII, CIS, AIS, UWC, OFS, Tanglin Trust etc.


IP, Exp - NYGH, RGS, SCGS, MGS, TKGS, SJI, CHIJ, Crescent, Dunman High, CCHS Main, Cat High, VS, Zhonghua, Anderson etc.

A2, AS, GCSE - Insworld Institute, St Paul's Girls' School (UK), Rugby School (UK), King's School Canterbury (UK), Concord College (UK).


I teach in Singapore the whole year, including school holidays and public holidays. Online lessons are available.

I have conducted classes and crash courses in tuition centres. I also teach private candidates.

For O and A levels, I have past year school exam papers and exercises.

For IB and IGCSE, I have my own topical practices from past year IB and IGCSE exam papers. These are available on request.
Commitment Testimonials

"Miss Sharon Kwok has been a patient and caring teacher who has been a great help to me ever since joining her. When she first started teaching me, my Physics wasn't strong, constantly getting only a B4 at most in school tests and exams. She also helped me with Chemistry which was one of my worse subjects, failing throughout secondary 3. Under her constant guidance over a year, I've managed to score distinctions for both of these subjects in the final O levels in 2016."

"Ms Sharon has helped me tremendously in my preparation for O levels through her patient guidance and concise explanations. I really liked how she went through the answering techniques in detail as well as going through the necessary information for the subject(s)."

"Ms Sharon is a very kind and patient teacher, under her teaching, I managed to get my science grades improving slowly and feel less miserable during lesson. Often, if she has no lesson afterwards, she will always stay back for me until all my questions are being answered. She's a very humorous teacher and I always feel very relaxed during her lesson. Sometimes when I disturb her by texting her late in the evening, she never fails to reply me immediately after she sees the message. But the part I love her the most, is when she gave me some slime last week to make me feel less stressed by squishing all the soft and cute slimes during exam week!!! I am really grateful for having Ms Sharon as my tuition teacher."

Activities with us


Sharon Kwok

Assignments 7
Area Level Subjects
NE O2 Biology
NE O2 Maths, Science
NE O3 Biology
C P6 English
NE O1 E Maths, Science
NE P5 English
NE O4 A Maths, Chemistry
SMS Response 0
Progress Written 0

Preferred Area, Subjects and Schedule


Sharon Kwok

Preferred Area
A Level Chemistry
O Level Maths
E Maths
A Maths
Primary -
Music -
Language -
Computer -