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Date Joined 6 year ago
Category Part-time Tutor
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Lee Shi Qi

Experience Hi, my name is Shi Qi and I teach Sec E Maths, A Maths and JC Economics tuition.

I majored in Economics in NUS. Hoping to help students who are struggling with For Econs tuition, I focus on 2 main things

1) Understanding the content

2) Exams / Writing techniques

From my teaching experience, I realise that most students have problem with essay writing and are unable to optimise the time given during exams. So I have specially designed writing styles for students to follow. In addition, I will help students relate what they learnt in lectures to real world scenarios. This is especially important as A level questions are gearing towards this direction. Using my concepts based approach and special techniques, I have helped many of my students attain A in their A level examinations.

I started giving E Maths tuition 3 years back to help my cousin with her O levels. From then on, I have been giving E/A Maths tuition! I will share my secrets of how to get A1 for both E&A Maths for your O levels! I have helped many of my students improve in just a few months!
Commitment I can start asap and will be able to commit until the student's final examinations.

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Lee Shi Qi

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Lee Shi Qi

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