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Date Joined 5 year ago
Category Fulltime Tutor
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Tan Pengshi Alvin

Experience I graduated from Raffles Junior College in 2006 and from NUS in 2014 with a degree in Physics and minor in Mathematics. I am now a full-time tutor, specializing in teaching Physics and Mathematics at the Upper Secondary and JC level. I have about 4 years of tutoring experience and recently, I have tutored a H2 Mathematics student (HCI), H2 Physics students (IJC & HCI) and IP Sec 2 Physics student (Dunman High). My H2 Physics student from IJC became the most-improved student in her class during Prelims. And my IP Sec 2 student scored very well in his Physics section of his science paper. Currently, I am coaching a NUS High Sec 3 student in Physics and Mathematics. I am also a part-time Academic Coach at Aspire Hub tuition centre.

Apart from building good rapport with the student, I believe that scoring in examination is not a matter of learning short-cuts and memorization, but actually really understanding the subject matter. As a Physics graduate and Mathematics minor, I aim to ingrain the right understanding of the subject matter in my students.

In following the curriculum, I have also adopted my own sets of assessment books and guidebooks, from which I will photocopy and provide my students the challenging exercises to work on every lesson.
Commitment I am a full-time tutor, currently available any time on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

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Tan Pengshi Alvin

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Tan Pengshi Alvin

Preferred Area N,NE,NW,S,W,E,C
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