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Date Joined 6 year ago
Category Ex-Teacher
Age Range 31 to 40
Rank 140 (Top 16%)
Qualification Rating 3
+ Experience Rating 3
+ Feedback Rating 0.0
= Total Rating 6.0

Qualifications and Experience


Juvena Koh

2012 NIE (National Institute of Education)
Postgraduate Diploma in Education
2010 Diploma (London Teacher Training College)
Diploma in Teaching English
2007 Bachelor (Edith Cowan University)
Bachelor of Communications (Major in Journalism and Public Relations)
Experience I am an ex-MOE teacher specialising in English Language and Social Studies (Secondary). I was an English Language trainer for primary school students and adults prior to joining MOE. I have 9 years of teaching experience.

I set term tests to track progress.
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Activities with us


Juvena Koh

Assignments 3
Area Level Subjects
E O3 English
E O1 English
E O3 English
SMS Response 0
Progress Written 0

Preferred Area, Subjects and Schedule


Juvena Koh

Preferred Area
A Level -
O Level English
Social Studies
Primary English
Music -
Language English
Computer -