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Date Joined 6 year ago
Category Part-time Tutor
Age Range 26 to 30
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Sharon See

I recently graduated in May 2015 from NUS Honours degree in Real Estate. Currently working as a Property Tax Valuer.
Experience I have had about 5+ years of teaching experience. I teach mainly the upper primary and the secondary level, focusing more on Maths and Science for the Primary level, and Maths, Chemistry, Physic, combined chem/phys. For all of the students that I have taught, their grades have greatly improved. For example, one of my pri 5 girl, her maths improved from a grade of C to A and one of my sec 2 girl, her maths improve from a borderline pass to A2. There were also parents who were very happy with my teaching as I helped their child gain interest in the subject that I was teaching and learning was made so much easier and happier for them.

Recently I taught 3 Pri 6 students, helping them with their PSLE Examinations. I am very familiar with the Pri 6 syllabus.
Commitment I can start ASAP. I will balance my time between work and the student's welfare. This can be proven by my commitment to my 3 Pri 6 kids that I taught in 2015. I continued teaching them all the way till PSLE ends, even though I have started working. Once I take up the assignment, rest assure I will make sure I commit to it and not drop it halfway.

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Sharon See

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Sharon See

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