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Date Joined 6 year ago
Category Undergrad
Age Range 26 to 30
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Qualifications and Experience


Jasmine Lin

2013 Diploma (Ngee Ann Polytechnic)
2009 GCE O (Deyi Secondary School)
English Language (B4), Combined Humanities (A2), Mathematics (A2), Additional Mathematics (B3), Physics (B3), Science (Bio/Chem) (A2), Chinese Language (A2), Chinese Language (Oral/Aural) (Merit)
2005 PSLE (Hougang Primary School)
English Language (A), Chinese Language (A), Mathematics (B), Science (A)
I am currently studying in NTU, doing B.Sc in Biological Science (Hons). I have a diploma in Pharmacy Science from Ngee Ann Polytechnic and my forte is in biology and chemistry.
Commitment My availability period is immediate until when it is necessary for the child to stop. Time wise is of high flexibility due to the vacations now. Otherwise it would usually be around 7pm to 9pm after the semester starts. But I do not have other commitments therefore it is easy to arrange time.

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Jasmine Lin

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Jasmine Lin

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O Level Chemistry
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