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Date Joined 7 year ago
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Age Range 41 to 50
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Qualifications and Experience


Thoraiyah Omar

2012 Transcript ()
NIE ()
Specialist Diploma in Teaching & Learning for Allied Educators (Primary)
1993 GCE A (Tg Katong Girls)
General Paper, English Language, Principles of Accounts, Malay Language
1990 GCE O (Chai Chee Secondary School)
English Language, Literature in English, Mathematics, Science, Principles of Accounts, Malay Language, Islamic Religion Knowledge
Experience I have been teaching in a Primary school since June 2011 as an Allied Educator. My focus area is on lower ability students.

Apart from teaching, I also give guidance and support to my students on their personal development in order to boost their confidence. My students have described me as being "fierce but fun". I am proud to acknowledge that, as I believe discipline is the key to success. I infuse some fun elements in my lessons just to boost their interest in the lessons and confidence in themselves.

I also have experience dealing with Special Needs children such as GDD, Mild autism and Dyslexic, but I am NOT a specialist in this area.

Most of my lower ability students come to me with either a U grade or below the passing marks. Last year, 50% of my P4 students passed their Mathematics SA2 with some scoring above 60s. For these students who have never passed their Maths before, it is a great success and morale booster. I am very proud of them as the have worked very hard.

It brings me great joy when a student comes to me and say, "Teacher, I passed my Maths for the very first time." This came from a P4 girl.

As a tutor, I believe in helping the students bridge the gap in their learning and also, act as a patform where they can address their misconceptions in their areas of learning. Therefore, most times I do not teach ahead of the school curriculum. Instead, I help them to get more exposure in school work by teaching them strategies to learning.
Commitment My first session with a student will usually start off with a diagnostic. The student will be given a test to assess their level of understanding of basic Mathematics concepts. From there, subsequent sessions will be focused on the remediation of the weak areas.

I am committed to helping students with lower ability and believe firmly that each child should be given the support they need in education. Therefore, I am extending a special rate to students who are under the FAS. However, I seek your understanding that this needs to be substantiated by proof of coverage under the scheme.

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Thoraiyah Omar

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Thoraiyah Omar

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