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Date Joined 7 year ago
Category Fulltime Tutor
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Ng Wan Ping Amethyst

I am currently studying in National University of Singapore, Bachelor of Social Sciences. Majoring in Sociology and English Language. I have completed my 'A' level in Catholic Junior College and have achieved distinctions in English Language and Linguistics and Literature. I did my 'O' levels in Swiss Cottage Secondary school and likewise, I have achieved distinctions in Literature in English, English Language and Humanities.
Experience I have been teaching for almost 3 years now and have taught students as young as 9 years old (P3) and guided secondary students(aged 13-15). I've coached P6 students, who have done well in the PSLE examinations and attained distinctions, thus progressing to prestigious secondary schools and continuing to pursue their new-found interest in English language. The greatest achievement for me was teaching a P6 chinese-speaking boy, who had been consistently scoring 30+ for his exams and had a weak foundation both in reading and wriitng. Within the 1 year I was coaching him, I daresay he learnt alot and eventually clinched a 'B' for his PSLE. I'm driven and dedicated, and I believe in leading out the genius hidden in every child.
Commitment Wednesday evenings, friday evenings and weekends are best timings for me.

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Ng Wan Ping Amethyst

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Ng Wan Ping Amethyst

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