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Date Joined 7 year ago
Category Undergrad
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Candy Wu

For now, I am done with Diploma in Biomedical science, Medical track. Currently waiting for my take my cert in May. I have got responses from Australia Universities, they offered me and got my place in Sydney and Perth university and will be doing Bachelor in Forensics Scienes there next year.
Experience I have been actually tutoring my juniors and primary school kid (neighbours) for free.

I have 1 Sec 5 girl now, I have been teaching her for 2 years already since sec 3 till now. Her biology and physics was really bad. From fail, in 1 sem I got her up to B3 and slowly her science varies from B3 to A1. And she did quite good for her combine sciences in N levels. She got a A2.

And also, I have been teaching a primary school boy, since primary 1 till now, he is a very hyper kid and his attention span is really short. I got him sitted beside me for 1 hour and a half by speaking to him nicely and giving him candies and so on. His results are okay for a primary school kid, scoring As for english and math.
Commitment I am able to start anytime from now. However, during the CNY period. I will be away. From 12 to 19 Feb 2013. Other than that I am okay with the timings. I just have to work in the clinic on wed nights, fri and sat morning. And thats about it.

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Candy Wu

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Candy Wu

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