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Date Joined 8 year ago
Category Ex-Teacher
Age Range 41 to 50
Rank 442 (Top 49%)
Qualification Rating 1
+ Experience Rating 2
+ Feedback Rating 0.0
= Total Rating 3.0

Qualifications and Experience



2009 Bachelor (The Open University / SIM)
Bachelor of Arts (English with Psychology)
2001 NIE (National Institutue of Education)
Diploma in Education
Diploma in Film, Sound & Video (1996).

Diploma in Education (2001)

Bachelor Degree in English with Psychology (2009)

Experience I am a dedicated ex-school teacher with more than 14 years of teaching experience.

I am able to guide pupils into improving their grades if they are willing to put in effort in their studies.

2015 EOY results of some students under my charge. All had shown improvement by about 10 marks minimum.

P2 Chinese language - 93/100

P2 English - 92/100

P2 Maths - 85/100

P3 Chinese - 87/100

P3 Maths - 90/100

P4 Maths - 87/100

P4 English - 82/100

P5 Maths - 79/100 (improved from 50+).

P5 English - 65/100

P6 English - 84/100

P6 Maths - 93/100

Commitment I can start from November 2012 onwards.

Currently, I only teach within Sembawang New Town.

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Assignments 1
Area Level Subjects
N P4 English, Maths
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O Level English
Primary English
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