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Date Joined 8 year ago
Category Ex-Teacher
Age Range 41 to 50
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Qualifications and Experience


David Liu

2004 NIE (National Technological University)
Postgraduate Diploma in Education
2006 Others (London Teacher Training College)
Diploma in Teaching English to Speakers Of Other Languages
Professional Diploma in Marketing
Experience I am a graduate of the National University of Singapore (B.Sc. of Applied Mathematics & Statistics), National Institute of Education (PGDE Secondary) and London Teacher Training College (Diploma in TESOL). I am also a graduate of The MindChamps Accreditation programme for trainers in life and communications. My working experience includes work with MindChamps (a motivational institute), the Ministry of Education and Shanghai Singapore International School (local and international schools) and 3P Learning Australia Pty Ltd (an international e-learning company).

During my stint as a MindChamps Trainer, I had helped to build and coach leadership teams as well as manage and organize these teams. An experienced public speaker, I have spoken on a variety of topics to audiences of different demographics and sizes ranging from ten to one thousand people. I have spoken to audiences in Australia, Singapore and Malaysia. In addition, I have coached individuals of various ages and professions. Apart from communication coaching, I also offer life coaching services to assist people in achieving their personal, career, relationship, education and financial goals.

I have had extensive experience teaching in local and international schools.I taught at Manjusri Secondary, St. Theresas Convent, New Town Secondary, and Shanghai Singapore International School for which I taught Science and Mathematics in the primary division. At MindChamps, I was also the Head of Mathematics.
Commitment Immediate and can commit until end-of-year.

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David Liu

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David Liu

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