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Date Joined 8 year ago
Category Part-time Tutor
Age Range 31 to 40
Rank 28 (Top 3%)
Qualification Rating 10
+ Experience Rating 11
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Qualifications and Experience



2014 PhD (National University of Singapore)
Doctor of Philosophy
2005 Bachelor (Nanyang Technological University)
Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences with Second Class Honours (Upper Division)
2002 GCE A (St Andrew's Junior College)
Mathematics (A), Physics (A), Chemistry (B), Biology (A), General Paper (C5)
2000 GCE O (Clementi Town Secondary School)
English Language (A2), Geography (A1), Mathematics (A1), Additional Mathematics (A1), Physics (A1), Chemistry (A2), Biology (A1), Chinese Language (A1), Chinese Language (Oral/Aural) (Distinction)
Guest biology lecturer in National University of Singapore, Attended course to enhance teaching of biology subjects
Experience I am a current teaching faculty in one of the local university and concurrently holds a research position. I have obtained my PhD from the National University of Singapore, majoring in Biology, funded by a university research scholarship.

I have been awarded numerous awards, including NUS valedictorian 2014, Outstanding graduate researcher award 2013, A*STAR Promising Young Researcher Award 2009, NUS Teaching Award (Part-time), NUS Student Achievement award (Distinguished leadership) and Graduate Scholar Award.

I have attended relevant teaching modules at the graduate level, such as "teaching in Biology" and well versed with using models, computer softwares and multimedia to complement the classes.

I was a part time teaching assistant in the university, with more than 4 years of experience in teaching a wide variety of subjects, ranging from Biodiversity, Genetics, Evolution and Marine Biology.

I have also mentored numerous university students for their Honors project, actively assisting them in project design, execution, data analysis and proofreading their theses.

I have 4 years experience teaching JC Biology, where one of student improved from grade E to B, and she is now considering Medicine overseas.

I have 4 years experience teaching 'O' Level Biology students. One of the student used to fail all her Biology exams and common tests but after 8 months, the student scored an A for her GCE 'O' levels.

I have 3 years experience teaching Sec 4 IP B
Commitment I can start ASAP.

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Assignments 9
Area Level Subjects
W A2 Biology
- O4 Biology
NE A2 Biology
NE A2 Biology
E O2 Science
NE O4 Biology
W A Biology
N A1 Biology
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A Level Biology
O Level Biology
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