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Date Joined 10 year ago
Category Teacher
Age Range 31 to 40
Rank 72 (Top 9%)
Qualification Rating 7
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Qualifications and Experience


Steve Yang

2010 Diploma (National Institute of Education)
Postgraduate Diploma in Education (Specialisation in teaching at Secondary School Level)
2008 Bachelor (Nanyang Technological University)
Bachelor of Engineering (Civil) (Merit)
MOE Pass ()
Experience I have 4 years of experience teaching English and Design and Technology in a local secondary school.

As I am a current school teacher, I am well informed in the latest syllabus changes as well as examination formats especially with regards to the new English syllabus 2010 and the changes to the O/NA/NT exam formats starting in 2013.

In addition, I also have a resource of exam practice papers based on the new syllabus to help my tutees. As of right now, there are no assessment books/past year papers available in stores which are based on the new format.

As every student is different, i would use a variety of approaches based on his/her level, as well as preferred, optimal learning method.

As we progress in today's society, having good grades in no longer enough. Character development as well as having 21st century competencies(having initiative, emotional quotient, hardwork etc) is increasingly important as well. I believe that developing these are just as crucial.

My personal motto I do not teach subjects. I teach students.
Commitment Naturally, every teacher would hope to have committed and hardworking students. However, i make no such distinction as i believe that every student is able to do well and i have had plenty of experience in a school setting motivating and encouraging students to perform beyond their expectations as well as mine.

I can start anytime.

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Steve Yang

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E O2 English
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Steve Yang

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