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Date Joined 9 year ago
Category Part-time Tutor
Age Range 26 to 30
Rank 392 (Top 44%)
Qualification Rating 1
+ Experience Rating 2
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Qualifications and Experience


S Buvana

2010 GCE A (Serangoon JC)
H1 General Paper (C), H1 Mathematics (C), H2 Chemistry (E), H2 Geography (B), H2 Economics (A)
Studying in NUS (project and facilities management/year 2).

A level74 points (ABE /C) O levels16 points
Experience I have been tutoring primary school kids.P1 student for mother tongue (tamil) without prior pre background knowledge of language and still teaching her.The parents have seen improvement in her language proficiency.Likewise have taught a primary 3 student with her maths and science subjects and she is improving. (4 years of tutoring experience) With the right amount of patience and commitment to the student I believe that I can coach the student to excel.I am also flexible with the tution timings.

Currently, I have been tutoring secondary 4 student for her sciences and geography.
Commitment I can start starting from 2013

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S Buvana

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E P4 Tamil
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S Buvana

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O Level Tamil
Social Studies
Primary English
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