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Date Joined 10 year ago
Category Ex-Teacher
Age Range 31 to 40
Rank 7 (Top 1%)
Qualification Rating 3
+ Experience Rating 48
+ Feedback Rating 2.5
= Total Rating 53.5

Qualifications and Experience


Seah Ai Ling

2009 Bachelor (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Australia)
Bachelor of Communication (Mass Communication)
2009 Transcript (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Australia)
Bachelor of Communication (Mass Communication)
2004 Diploma (Temasek Polytechnic)
Diploma in Visual Communication
Business Law - National University of Singapore (NUS)

Scholarship - UTC
Experience I'm a dedicated tutor who took my degree in Australia and hold Bachelor of Communication in Mass Communication.

Coupled with more than a decade of tutoring in English, Maths and Science since Year 2000, I am intimately familiar with the school syllabus and the changing trends of education in Singapore.

Lessons are planned and crafted carefully each week to provide opportunities for the students to grow intellectually by having thoughtful challenges and aim to build my students' self-esteem and personal success.

I believe that every child is able to unleash their full potential in their studies with the correct guidance and you can be assured that your child will improve in their grades.

My students' grades and achievements in Yr 2017/18

- My P5 student in Ai Tong Pri scored 92 marks for English, 89 marks for Science and 98 marks for Maths. She used to score 60+ marks for her exams

- My P6 student in Chongfu Pri scored 261 for her PSLE and was the top 10 in the whole school.

- My student in ACS scored A for his PSLE English and A* for Science. He used to score borderline result for English and Science

- My Sec 3 student in St Joseph made a leap improvement of 22 marks for his English

- My Sec 4 student in Paya Lebar Methodist Girls scored 1st in the whole cohort for her N level
Commitment As a full-time tutor who can start immediately, I will work out the best learning plan and provide customisation in accordance to your child's progress. You can be assured that your child will bring out his/her full potential in his/her learning curve and bridging the learning gap.

I believe in giving a free diagnostic test (English and Maths) before the first lesson to test the student's ability for the particular subject and to ascertain your child's actual education level and weaknesses. The diagnostic test is specially customised by a reputed school teacher and is used by the school. With this diagnostic test, I can tailor an individual educational program depending on the subject to cater to the student's learning pace, thus building a strong academic base for my students.

Like all parents, I, Seah Ai Ling, am committed to see the students learn and grow into professionals.

I apologise that I have to reject parents whose child scores more than 91 marks in Primary 4 to 6 and Secondary levels, and wishes to score 100 marks. I sincerely believe that the child is intelligent and it's purely careless mistakes which can be corrected by oneself. But give me challenges if your child scores lower than 80 marks. I will put in my best effort to turn the result into a magical number that you will be satisfied with.

Please enquire the rates with StarTutor and the package comes with dedicated tutoring and full commitment to my students.

Activities with us


Seah Ai Ling

Assignments 46
Area Level Subjects
NW O1 English, Maths
NW P3 English
N P6 English, Science
N P6 English, Science
NW P English, Maths, Science
N P5 Science
NW P2 English
- P6 Maths, Science
NW P6 English, Maths, Science
N P4 English, Creative Writing
N P5 Maths
N P3 English
NW P6 English, Maths, Science
- P6 English
N P5 Science
N P6 English, Maths, Science
N P6 English
NE P5 English, Maths
NE P5 English, Creative Writing
C P6 English, Maths, Science
N P3 Maths, Science
N P1 Maths
N P1 English, Maths
N P3 English
N P6 English, Maths, Science
N P4 Maths, Science
N P6 English, Science
N P3 English, Creative Writing
E P4 English, Maths, Science
NW P5 English
N P4 English, Maths
C P4 English, Maths, Science
E P3 Maths
NW O2 Maths, Science
N P1 English
C P2 English
C P6 Maths, Science
E P5 Science
E P4 Science
E P4 Maths
E P3 Science
N P5 English
C P6 Science
E P1 English
C P4 Maths
C P4 Science
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Preferred Area, Subjects and Schedule


Seah Ai Ling

Preferred Area N,NE,E
A Level -
O Level English
E Maths
Primary English
Creative Writing
Music -
Language English
Computer -