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Date Joined 11 year ago
Category Fulltime Tutor
Age Range 31 to 40
Rank 730 (Top 81%)
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Qualifications and Experience


Sarifah Binte Mohamed Safi'ee

1999 GCE A (Temasek Junior College)
Mathematics (B), Chemistry (B), Biology (A), General Paper (A2), AO Malay Language (B3), AO Malay Language (Oral/Aural) (Pass)
1997 GCE O (Tanjong Katong Girls' School)
English Language (A1), Literature in English (A2), Geography (A2), Mathematics (A1), Additional Mathematics (A2), Biology (A2), Science (Phy/Chem) (A1), Malay Language (A2), Malay Language (Oral/Aural) (Merit)
Experience I have 7 years of part-time and 3 years of full-time tutoring experience and I specialise in Maths and Science subjects for both primary and secondary levels. Students under my tutelage have seen marked improvement as I'm committed to bringing out their best so long as they put reasonable effort on their part. For example, a Sec 4 student saw a big jump from a fail grade to B3 for her Olevel Emaths, while another Sec4N(A) student also went from a fail grade to B3 for his Nlevel Emaths.
Commitment I am able to start immediately and will be available throughout the year.

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Sarifah Binte Mohamed Safi'ee

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Sarifah Binte Mohamed Safi'ee

Preferred Area E
A Level -
O Level E Maths
Primary Maths
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