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Date Joined 11 year ago
Category Fulltime Tutor
Age Range 31 to 40
Rank 5 (Top 1%)
Qualification Rating 4
+ Experience Rating 57
+ Feedback Rating 2.7
= Total Rating 63.7

Qualifications and Experience


Abdul Rashid Bin Mohamed

2009 Scholarship (Association of Singapore Marine Industries)
ASMI - Naval Architecture Scholarship 2009
2007 Transcript (Ngee Ann Polytechnic)
Transcript of Academic Record, Diploma in Marine & Offshore Technology
2007 Testimonial (Ngee Ann Polytechnic)
2004 Testimonial (Tampines Secondary School)
I am a graduate from Newcastle University majoring in Naval Architecture with Offshore Engineering (Honours)
Experience I'm a graduate from Newcastle University majoring in Naval Architecture(hons). I have been teaching secondary school students for the past twelve years.

I have been teaching these subjects and my students have performed well in them - E maths, A maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology (pure), Phy/Chem(Combined).

Success I achieved with my students in previous year

-My secondary 4 express student improved from an F9 to B3 in A maths and for E maths he managed to get an A1 for the end-of-year exams.

-My primary 6 student who failed badly for his maths managed to get a B grade for his end-of-year exams.

-My secondary 4 normal academic student have improved from borderline mark at the beginning of the year to a B3 for Combined(Phy/Chem) and an A2 for maths, for the mid-year exams and he got the Best Improvement Award in school for showing an improvement in Combined Science (Phy/Chem) and Maths subjects.

Every student will have their strengths and weakness. I will work on the weaknesses of the student to ensure that the student improves and polish on the strengths so that the student will be able to grasp the concept.
Commitment I will be able to commit for long term assignments. I am focused, patient and enthusiastic with the work that I give to my students and I believe that every student have the potential to excel in their studies with proper guidance, discipline and effort.

Activities with us


Abdul Rashid Bin Mohamed

Assignments 55
Area Level Subjects
W P6 English, Maths, Science
W O3 E Maths, Physics/Chem
NW P6 Maths, Science
W P3 English, Maths, Science
- P4 English, Maths, Science
NW P6 Maths, Science
W O3 A Maths
NE O3 E Maths, Bio/Chem
W P6 Maths
E O4 English, E Maths
NE O2 English, Maths, Science
E O2 Maths
N O4 Physics/Chem
N P5 Maths
NE O4 Physics/Chem
C O3 English, E Maths
NW P5 English, Science
C P5 Maths
C O4 A Maths, Physics
N P3 Maths
- P6 Maths, Science
S P6 English, Malay, Maths, Science
N P3 Maths, Science
N P5 English, Maths
NW P6 Science
N P3 Maths
E P1 English, Malay, Maths
E P4 Maths
N P3 Maths
E O3 E Maths, Physics/Chem
NE P6 Science
- P6 Maths
N P3 English, Maths
E O4 E Maths, A Maths, Physics
E O2 Maths
NW P5 English
NE P4 Science
W P3 Science
E O1 Maths
NW P2 English, Maths
NE P4 Science
N O4 E Maths, Physics/Chem
N P6 Maths, Science
- O2 Maths
E O4 Biology, Physics/Chem
C O1 Maths, Science
NE P4 Maths
E P6 Science
N P6 Science
E P5 Maths
NE O3 Maths, Physics/Chem
W O4 A Maths
N O2 E Maths
E O4 Physics/Chem
NE O4 E Maths, A Maths
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Preferred Area, Subjects and Schedule


Abdul Rashid Bin Mohamed

Preferred Area
A Level -
O Level Maths
E Maths
A Maths
Primary Maths
Music -
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Computer -