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Date Joined 14 year ago
Category Part-time Tutor
Age Range 31 to 40
Rank 543 (Top 60%)
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Qualifications and Experience


Dr Nidya Shanthini Manokara

PhD Literary Studies, National University of Singapore

Research Scholar, National University of Singapore

BA Hons (2nd Upper) from National University of Singapore

A Level(Anderson JC), Mathematics C(A), Tamil Literature(A), Geography(C), GP(B4), Tamil (A1)

O Level(Cedar Girls Secondary School), English(A2), Higher Tamil (B3), Tamil(B3), E Maths(A1), A Maths(A2), Chemistry (A2), Physics (B3), Geography(B3), Literature(B4)
Experience My secondary 4 student had scored A1 for his AMaths and was also amongst the top in his school at the GCE 0 Level Examinations 2007. Both my current secondary 3 students always attain a minimum of A2 for EMaths and B3 for AMaths.

I have been teaching EA Maths and Tamil for Olevel students for the past 3years and my students have always shown marked improvement. One boy improved from C6 in Sec 3 to a B3 in AMaths and A2 in EMaths for his Olevels. My primary school students always hit Band 1 by the end of the year.

I have the passion to teach students because education is KEY in Singapore and no one should be disadvantaged. An Hons graduate from NUS, Theatre Studies, I am able to infuse fun learning to ensure that my students have fun while learning pertinent concepts. A tutor should not just TEACH but must SHARE pertinent lessons that the students can use and apply not in the subject but also in life.
Commitment Able to coach up to three students this year

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Dr Nidya Shanthini Manokara

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NE O1 E Maths
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Dr Nidya Shanthini Manokara

Preferred Area NE,E,C
A Level General Paper
O Level English
Primary English
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