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Yoong Cai Ting Elaine's Photo

2839. Yoong Cai Ting Elaine is a StarTutor Pro

Elaine says

I have 13 years of tuition teaching experience in all primary levels, thus i am very familiar with the school syllabus and i know what are the requirements for each level, each subject for the student to focus on in order to excel well.

My achievements are,

Primary 4 student who had a failing grade in her Science scored 80 marks for her next exam.

Primary 6 student whom i coached for 2 years since primary 5 scored A* for his Science in PSLE year 2008. He is now in St Joseph Institute eligible for a special Science programme.

Primary 1 student who is weak in Chinese and had a failing grade for the subject scored 85 marks after a few months of tuition with me. Her other subjects improved from band 3 to band 2 and band 2 to band 1.

A foreign primary 1 student who had no basic foundation in Chinese scored from a failing grade to 90 marks for her next exam.

Primary 2 student scored the highest for Chinese in her class and full marks for Math in the CA2 examination. She maintained her results for final year examination and got awarded the Good Progress Award.

Primary 2 student scored from 60+ marks to 80+ for her Chinese.

Kindergarten 1 student who had weak Chinese foundation improved a lot for the language as commented by his school MT teacher.

Primary 4 student scored from Band 2 to Band 1 for his English and Math in final year examination after 1 year of lesson.

Primary 6 student scored grade A for Science in PSLE (year 2013) after 1 year of lesson.

Primary 6 student scored grade A for English in PSLE (year 2013) after about 1 year of lesson.

Primary 6 student scored grade B for Math (failed in Primary 5) in PSLE (year 2013) after 3-4 months of lesson.

Two primary 6 siblings scored A* and A for Math in PSLE (year 2013) after less than 1 year of lesson.

Primary 6 student scored grade A for Math in PSLE (year 2013) after about 1 year of lesson.

Primary 2 student improved from just passed (25,26/50) to 38.5/50 for her English and 52/100 to about 75/100 for her Math after about 2 months of lessons.

A primary 6 girl scored from A to A*(PSLE) for Science and A for English (PSLE).

A primary 1 girl improved from fail to pass for her English and Math after approximately of 6 - 8 months of lessons with me.

StarTutor's Review

Elaine enjoys working with young children. Their innocence and adorable faces never fail to put a smile on her face. Her love for young children has also landed her in a teaching job at a childcare centre previously, and hence she is very experienced in handling young children. She enjoys coaching them, and finds great joy in seeing them make progress under her guidance.

Elaine specializes in all subjects for Primary school, namely English, Mathematics, Science and Chinese. She has been giving home tuition for 6 years, and is very familiar with the current MOE syllabus for all these subjects. Using this to her advantage, Elaine is able to spot the trend in examinations and thus prepares students well by exposing them to a variety of possible examination questions. Elaine feels that through this, she is able to build up the confidence of her students, as well as training them to study smart, not just hard.

Elaine helps students who are academically stronger to stretch even further and obtain better grades by allowing them to practise challenging questions of a higher level. She guides such students by teaching them to think from a different angle to solve higher-level questions, and also introduces more problem solving techniques if they are able to cope with it. Elaine is also very familiar in teaching ‘Model Diagrams’ which is an essential problem solving technique for primary school Mathematics. She shared with us that ‘Model Diagrams’ are essential for weaker students, especially since they are unable to visualize word problems. Elaine makes use of these diagrams to help the student visualize better, and slowly trains them so that they will be able to adopt this technique on their own eventually.

Overall, Elaine is aware of the weaknesses and problems that most primary school students face, and is quick to remedy these as soon as she is aware of them. Her familiarity with the school syllabus will definitely give her students an edge over the rest.

- Interviewed by StarTutor (Cady, Weichao, Gavin), 18 April 2009

Pro Rates

Pri 1-3
Pri 4-6
2012 Others (ACC School of Counselling and Psychology)
Specialist Diploma in Counselling Psychology
2008 Bachelor (Murdoch University)
Bachelor of Commerce in Management
2006 Diploma (Ngee Ann Polytechnic)
Diploma in Quality Management and Engineering
I am a full time tutor and can start tuition immediately. However, my 1-1 home tuition slots are full at the moment, but I do have group classes on weekdays night. Do check it out under the posting of group tuition.

Teaching level and subjects

(Top 1%)
Gender Female
Age 31 to 40
Category Fulltime Tutor
Occupation full time tutor
Date Joined 21 Dec 2006
Assignments 76
Ivy Li's Photo

7739. Ivy Li is a StarTutor Pro

Ivy says

16-18 Years of full and part time tutoring/teaching experience. Best in teaching Chinese and Maths due to academic background and strong family influence/interest.

My favourite subject is Maths, due to the ability and passion in solving and challenging problem sums. Have local and foreign students hence able to translate to other languages (Chi, Eng, Cantonese) for easier comprehension.

Experienced in teaching 1-to-1 home tuitions and small groups of 2-8 students in tuition centres and home settings.

A private O level student had borderline problems in E Maths previously but was now able to do 80-90% of the questions correctly (less the careless mistakes). He was motivated as I always encourage him to push himself when others may bring him down by saying that he may not be able to achieve. After all, my students are young teenagers, they still have time and good opportunities to excel so I hope to lead them in the correct direction. Some students can feel lost when choosing courses during Sec 2 or Sec 4, I have always advised them to pursue their dreams. They also need a lot of moral support from the people around them as well.

A sec 3 Express student had problems in A maths (logarithms) and after 1 session, she was able to solve all of them for her class test.

A sec 2 NA boy passed his Sci test (first time in Secondary) with just 1 lesson prior test date. I recommend consistencies as this is not a good habit for all students as they may rely on tutors too much during test period. My goal is to help students equip the skills and mentality to want solve problems themselves independently.

All of my ex-PLSE students passed for year 2012 and one child passed Maths for the 2nd time in her whole Pri school life.

I am here to advocate that tuition is not for life. More importantly, I am here to continuously encourage and build students' determination and hard work, so that they can be independent without tuition and to foster regular practice on their own, as they grow. I am also here to teach in a different way more suitable for your child, which the school teacher may not to able to teach according to every child's learning style.

Patient (taught 5students (Pri/Sec) with ADHD), have creative and encouraging methods to assist them improve in the subjects as I need to get their attention and make the subject interesting and interactive so that they can continue to focus and look forward to the next lesson. It is definitely better when parents are able to share more about the student's habits, likes and dislikes, attitude as it really helps to create a more engaging and fruitful lesson. I will be strict if students fail to complete homework and will relate this to parents.

I share real life experiences (when appropriate) with the students to expand their general knowledge. I have also tutored foreign students living in Singapore (from Germany, China, Macau, Korea). I frequently update and discuss with parents about their children's progress, weaknesses, ways to improve - not only their on the scoreboard but also in building up the good character. I make it a point to always guide the students from wrong to right (eg. during cases of cheating, copying, arrogance, impoliteness, etc).

StarTutor's Review

Ivy is a very professional and committed teacher. Her passion for teaching has led her to leave the corporate world in Feb 2009 to teach full time, and she already has plans to upgrade herself further in NIE and take up a full-time teaching career in future. Ivy was supposed to become a full-time Chinese teacher through MOE upon graduation from Temasek Polytechnic, but she chose not to as being a full-time Chinese teacher at that time would mean that she will not be able to teach other subjects which she has interest in, namely Mathematics and Science. Due to recent changes in MOE, Ivy will finally be able to teach all the subjects that she is passionate about, hence the decision to become a full-time teacher.

During lessons, Ivy not only tries to help students achieve better grades, she also tries to instil in them the correct values and attitude to nurture them into all-rounded individuals. For instance, she educates students who are inattentive by telling them that their parents are actually using their hard-earned money to pay for their tuition, and that it is their responsibility to study hard and not take their kindness for granted. She does not want her students to just simply go through the motion, but instead, she wants them to realize that whatever they are doing is for their own good, and for the sake of their own future. Ivy also makes it a point to set basic foundations right. Basic skills such as writing neatly would need to be cultivated from a young age and is crucial in character building.

When handling younger children, Ivy usually spends more time talking with them initially to try to make them feel more comfortable and to gain their trust. She is aware that younger children generally take a longer time to adapt to strangers, and thus, she does not want to spoil the child’s first impression of her by being too stern. She firmly believes that the learning potential of the child will be at its peak only when mutual trust between the tutor and the child has been built up. Ivy is also stern, only when there is a need to.

All in all, Ivy wants to help students who are already good to be even better, and aid weaker students to achieve realistic improvements. She makes it a point to communicate with parents to understand the child better, as well as to update the parents on the child’s progress. We believe that Ivy’s passion in teaching will certainly touch the heart of many of her students in future.

- Interviewed by StarTutor (Cady, Weichao, Gavin), 18 April 2009

Pro Rates

Pri 5-6
Sec 1-2
Lang. 1
Com 1
2004 Bachelor (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Australia, Melbourne)
Bachelor of Business (Computing)
2001 Diploma (Temasek Polytechnic)
Diploma in Information Technology
- Trinity College London certification
- Guildhall School of Music and Drama certification
- Australian Mathematics Competition
I believe that time management and patience is very important and I will plan my schedules ahead. Will try to get different schools' exam papers for students' revision depending on students' progress and foundation. Always try to complete stipulated tasks planned during the session so that the students can be on the track of improvement. This also requires the student to co-operate by finishing given tuition work, but will also discuss the workload if he/she has problems. I believe that self discipline in finishing the work can help push the limits of the student. I believe in consistent daily practice but not at the expense of their healthy lifestyle which should include proper rest, exercise and family time.

Able to provide extra tuition during school holidays or exam periods (upon request or I may communicate with the parents if I feel the student really needs a lot more) as those are the most crucial or best times for students to catch up on their studies N be ahead of others.

I'll make sure that the student learns and enjoys each lesson so that the teacher-student relationship can be enhanced, as it assists me in getting the student more engaged during lesson - the student listens and asks, which is more productive.Tuition is conducted in various ways, be it from books, assessments, through conversations, impromptu QnAs as students have different abilities to adapt to the the various teaching.

I will do my best to come up with the most appropriate teaching method…

Teaching level and subjects

Primary/ PSLE
English, Chinese, Maths
Secondary/ O level
International Baccalaureate
Business, Information Tech
Information Systems, Operations Mgmt, Communications
Computer Skills
Windows, Office
(Top 1%)
Gender Female
Age 31 to 40
Category Part-time Tutor
Occupation -
Date Joined 16 Jan 2008
Assignments 51
SMS Responses 1
LeRain Lee's Photo

1396. LeRain Lee is a StarTutor Pro

LeRain says

Am commissioned by an upcoming music school to do a complete 3 years program of curriculum and syllabus planning. The 2nd year is completed.

9 years experience in teaching chinese at primary & secondary school level and piano till grade 8. Also an assistant choral instructor and experienced in accompaniment for single line instruments for exams such as violin.

Attached to Gramercy Music School (Holland V) as a piano teacher for 9 years and on-going. Able to teach basic, intermediate pop drumming, jazz theory, jazz piano, pop piano and music composition other than usual classical practical and theory.

There will be an annual recital for all my students and it will be counted as one lesson. Students will get to play on a grand piano in an auditorium or recital hall.

Very experienced with kids as well as teenagers and adults. Emphasis is on cultivating the individual's interest in piano and music or mandarin language.

Chinese subject focus is Creative writing. My student with me for 9 years who hated the chinese language and did not mind failing or hanging around the border developed a keen interest in it as she grew older. Now she speaks fluent chinese, able to read both modern and olden day chinese writings and also able to watch chinese series or movies without subtitles and have no problems in understanding the show anymore. She is now in sec 4.

All my students are motivated to achieve Merit and Distincition in both Theory and Practical. Piano includes extensive repetoire other than usual 3 exam pieces only.

Jazz and Pop lessons are by per lesson. $50 per hr, learning how to play from lead sheets and various grooves. Materials are provided.

Learning how to play jazz and pop through clearly notated scores and not lead sheets have same charges as classical piano.

StarTutor's Review

LeRain is a confident and genuine person. She is an expertise in the Music field. She knows the different available exams (ABRSM, Trinity etc) for piano and their respective pros and cons. Thus, you can easily trust her to recommend the most suitable exam for your child to undertake.

She specializes at teaching Piano, both practical and theory with students ranging from Beginner to Grade 8, age ranging from 5 – 30 plus years old (Young child – Adult). She is able to analyze every student and come up with customized teaching method.

For younger children aged 7 and below, she feels that 30 minutes will be the maximum attention span and will not recommend anything beyond that. She interacts with the parents often to update them about their child’s progress, strengths and weaknesses in order to bring the best out of the child with the parents’ assistance.

For beginners, she teaches posture and introduction to the piano keys on the first lesson as she knows that the basic is always the most important key to proceed to higher levels. Although theories for Grade 5 and above are not compulsory, LeRain encourages her students to not only complete Grade 8 Practical, but also theory, to be a true qualified pianist. She loves to assist her musically talented students to go against their limits for greater achievements.

With her vast experience, LeRain is able to get suitable material for her students. She uses the age of the student as a gauge. For young children, colorful books filled with pictures will be suitable to capture their attention and arouse their interest whereas for adults, a typical book will be of better use.

Being a Full-Time Piano home-tutor and a Part-Time Piano tutor at Gramercy Music School, LeRain keeps herself updated with changes occurring in the Music field. She is patient yet firm when needed and believes that hard work will be accompanied with rewards.

- Interviewed by StarTutor (Xuehui, Fangling and Elvin), 20th May 2008

Pro Rates

Pri 1-2
Pri 3-4
Pri 5-6
Sec 1-2
Sec 3-4
Music Beg.
Music 1
Music 2
Music 3
Music 4
Music 5
Music 6
Music 7
Music 8
2012 Diploma (University of West London)
Associate Diploma of the London College of Music in Theory of Music
2012 Bachelor (UniSim)
Bachelor of Science (Psychology)
2011 Music (University of West London)
Licentiate Diploma of the London College of Music in Pianoforte Teaching (LLCM)
2010 Music (ABRSM)
Diploma of the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music, Principles of Instrumental Teaching (Piano)
2007 Diploma (Laselle College of the Arts)
Diploma of Higher Education
2007 Diploma (Lasalle College of the Arts)
Diploma in Music
2007 Music (The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music)
Grade 8 Theory of Music
2003 Diploma (Singapore Polytechnic)
Diploma in Multimedia Software Engineering
2003 Music (Country Manna Restaurant)
Letter of Appreciation and Commendation for Piano Performance at Suntec City and Changi Airport Terminal One Country Manna Restaurants
1999 GCE O (Chung Cheng High School (Main))
English Language (B3), Geography (A2), Mathematics (A2), Additional Mathematics (B3), Physics (C5), Chemistry (B4), Higher Chinese (B3), Chinese (A2)
1998 GCE O (Chung Cheng High School (Main))
Chinese (A1), Chinese (Oral/Aural) (Distinction)
Higher Diploma in Music (Jazz Compositon) awarded by Lasalle & Open Uk
Diploma in Music (Jazz Composition)awarded by Lasalle

Diploma in Multimedia Technology (Software Engineering), Singapore Polytechnic

O Levels(Chung Cheng High School Main), CL1(A1), HCL(B3), ENG (B3), Chinese Literature(A2), Geography(A2), EMaths(A2), AMaths(B3), Chemistry(B4), Physics(C5)
It is important for the parent to understand that music and arts take long time to reap results. The parent has to play their part in motivating their own kid and not pressuring them for getting the piece of paper.

The parent must understand that different child has different rate of learning. I do not believe in stupidity as that has been the moto of my teachers. Hardwork will be able to surpass talent.

Kids with me for a long period do gain higher level of confidence. What I do to help them is also to develop good virtues and values in the long term.

Once a kid is with me, I'll try my best to cultivate his/her interest, help them to teach themselves the skills requires for a life long ability to appreciate music.

Teaching level and subjects

International Baccalaureate
(Top 1%)
Area NE, NW, W, E, C
Gender Female
Age 31 to 40
Category Fulltime Tutor
Occupation Piano Teacher
Date Joined 16 Jul 2006
Assignments 28
Ivan Chang's Photo

10929. Ivan Chang is a StarTutor Pro

Ivan says

StarTutor's Review

An enthusiast in the fields of Economics and Geography, Ivan Chang was a former top student in Human Geography at Temasek Junior College. His desire and passion to impart his vast knowledge of these 2 subjects have seen him accumulate up to 4 years of teaching experience, taking on an array of students from Secondary to JC level. Currently, he is completing his Masters in Finance with the USA based Institute of Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) while pursing a Business Degree at the Singapore Management University (SMU).

Economics and Geography being extremely complex subjects, many students find it difficult to interpret most of the crucial principles. To tackle this issue, Ivan incorporates his own set of custom, tailor-made notes into every lesson. These extensive notes are divided to suit each individual student’s needs; they are tweaked and modified accordingly to match integral essay components which enable the student to grasp the key points and obtain higher points during exams. His teaching style also makes use of real-life examples to better illustrate graphs and concepts to struggling students. It is a tried and tested method that has never failed to guarantee results.

Another unique feature which Ivan integrates into his classes, is his ability to accurately analyze and spot upcoming examination questions, he will set up his own custom mock paper for his students and allow them to go through a trial run in a bid to better prepare them for their exams.

To find a tutor like Ivan that pays so much attention to details is exceedingly rare, he is a truly remarkable tutor, and students can be assured that with his guidance, they will definitely achieve excellent results.

- Interviewed by StarTutor (Arthur, Jerry, Weichao), 4 July 2010

Pro Rates

2010 Bachelor (Oxford Brookes University)
Bachelor of Science in Applied Accounting (First Class Honours)
2007 GCE A (Temasek Junior College)
H1 General Paper (C), H1 Physics (B), H1 Chinese Language (D), H1 Chinese Language (Oral/Aural) (Merit), H1 Project Work (B), H2 Geography (A), H2 Economics (A), H2 Mathematics (A)
Singapore Management University - Double Degree in Business Management and Information System - Suma Cum Laude (With Highest Honor)

Oxford Brooke University - First Class Honors in Applied Accounting - Bachelors of Science

Association of Chartered Certified Accountant (ACCA) - Affiliated Member - Completed all 14 Qualification Papers in 2 years - Awaiting conversion to Certified Public Accountant (CPA)

Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) - Youngest candidiate at point of sitting - Awaiting to attempt last paper (L3)

Temasek Junior College - Graduated with distinction in Mathematics, Geography and Economics

Teaching level and subjects

Secondary/ O level
Junior College/ A level
International Baccalaureate
Finance, Accounting
(Top 6%)
Area NE
Gender Male
Age 31 to 40
Category Undergrad
Occupation Taxation & Accounts
Date Joined 18 Jun 2008
Assignments 10
Emma's Photo

3996. Emma

2003 MOE Pass ()
I have 16 years of teaching experience up to date in secondary schools. With 12 years' of tutoring experience, I have always manage to improve grades of my tutees, through building rapport with them, patience, close monitoring of their work and continuous encouragement. What I enjoyed in tuition is the one to one learning experience with the kids as it is important that the child has the full attention from the teacher. Thus they will learn much better and faster.

When I see my students or tutees have done well in their examinations, it gives me great sense of satisfaction.

*Familiar with latest primary MOE syllabus English, Chinese, Maths and Science

Update of 2017

Pri 2 boy put in efforts and able to go from inability to read English to read words fluently. He scored 42/50 for Maths with discipline and consistence.

Pri 5 boy improves in his English EOY by 10 marks.

Pri 4 girl scored 85/100 in her Maths EOY even she does not like maths.

Update of 2017 PSLE Science - P6 girl improved 8 marks in MYE after 4 lessons. PSLE English- P6 Boy from a failed grade to a Pass grade. P4 Maths/SCience - P5 scored 95 for Maths and 90 for Science P5 SCIENCE / ENGLISH - Scored A for both subjects.

Update of 2016

PSLE 2016 - P6 boy scored 253 for his PSLE. Scored A for his English.

P4 final year exam - P4 girl achieved Band 1 for English and Science. P4 boy achieved Band 2 for English.

Prelim Exam English - P6 boy scores 85 marks for English. Improved 5 mar

Mrs Chong - Emma is committed in improving my daughter's grades and my daughter received the most improvement award in 2009.

Mdm Sabariah - We are happy that my daughter has improved in Maths after Emma has taught her.

Pauline - Ms Emma is very patient with my daughter and have been coaching her for 4 years.

Mdm Fazilah - My girl passed her maths finally! I am so thrilled.

Mr Ong - Thank you for teaching my girl and she has improved in maths and science. - 2011

Lerene " Thank you Miss Emma for your guidance. I am so happy with my 4As!!"

PSLE - CHIJ girl scored 247, 2 A in English and Maths, 2 A* Chinese and Science.

P2 boy from Chongfu School- scored 82/100 for english, 20 marks improvement.

P1 girl from Chongfu School - improved 10 marks in English and 8 marks in maths after 8 lessons.

P2 Boy from Pei Hua - improved by 30 marks in English and Maths for SA2.

P3 Girl from Woodgrove Pri - scored 83 marks for maths, 21 marks improvement.
Dear parents,

Students' commitment in my tution assignments given to them are vital. If they don't work hard for their grades, even the best tutor also cant help them.

Please note that my rates are also based on the distance travelled. I seek for parents' understanding on this.

Please contact the co-coordinators for schedule booking. Thank you!

Teaching level and subjects

Primary/ PSLE
English, Maths, Science
(Top 1%)
Area N
Gender Female
Age 41 to 50
Category Ex-Teacher
Occupation Tutor
Date Joined 16 Apr 2007
Assignments 90
Abdul Rashid Bin Mohamed's Photo

17955. Abdul Rashid Bin Mohamed

2009 Scholarship (Association of Singapore Marine Industries)
ASMI - Naval Architecture Scholarship 2009
2007 Transcript (Ngee Ann Polytechnic)
Transcript of Academic Record, Diploma in Marine & Offshore Technology
2007 Testimonial (Ngee Ann Polytechnic)
2004 Testimonial (Tampines Secondary School)
I am a graduate from Newcastle University majoring in Naval Architecture with Offshore Engineering (Honours)
I'm a graduate from Newcastle University majoring in Naval Architecture(hons). I have been teaching secondary school students for the past twelve years.

I have been teaching these subjects and my students have performed well in them - E maths, A maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology (pure), Phy/Chem(Combined).

Success I achieved with my students in previous year

-My secondary 4 express student improved from an F9 to B3 in A maths and for E maths he managed to get an A1 for the end-of-year exams.

-My primary 6 student who failed badly for his maths managed to get a B grade for his end-of-year exams.

-My secondary 4 normal academic student have improved from borderline mark at the beginning of the year to a B3 for Combined(Phy/Chem) and an A2 for maths, for the mid-year exams and he got the Best Improvement Award in school for showing an improvement in Combined Science (Phy/Chem) and Maths subjects.

Every student will have their strengths and weakness. I will work on the weaknesses of the student to ensure that the student improves and polish on the strengths so that the student will be able to grasp the concept.
I will be able to commit for long term assignments. I am focused, patient and enthusiastic with the work that I give to my students and I believe that every student have the potential to excel in their studies with proper guidance, discipline and effort.

Teaching level and subjects

Primary/ PSLE
Maths, Science
Secondary/ O level
Maths, E Maths, A Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Science, Physics/Chem
(Top 1%)
Gender Male
Age 31 to 40
Category Fulltime Tutor
Occupation Full Time Tutor
Date Joined 29 Aug 2009
Assignments 55
Seah Ai Ling's Photo

23851. Seah Ai Ling

2009 Bachelor (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Australia)
Bachelor of Communication (Mass Communication)
2009 Transcript (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Australia)
Bachelor of Communication (Mass Communication)
2004 Diploma (Temasek Polytechnic)
Diploma in Visual Communication
Business Law - National University of Singapore (NUS)

Scholarship - UTC
I'm a dedicated tutor who took my degree in Australia and hold Bachelor of Communication in Mass Communication.

Coupled with more than a decade of tutoring in English, Maths and Science since Year 2000, I am intimately familiar with the school syllabus and the changing trends of education in Singapore.

Lessons are planned and crafted carefully each week to provide opportunities for the students to grow intellectually by having thoughtful challenges and aim to build my students' self-esteem and personal success.

I believe that every child is able to unleash their full potential in their studies with the correct guidance and you can be assured that your child will improve in their grades.

My students' grades and achievements in Yr 2017/18

- My P5 student in Ai Tong Pri scored 92 marks for English, 89 marks for Science and 98 marks for Maths. She used to score 60+ marks for her exams

- My P6 student in Chongfu Pri scored 261 for her PSLE and was the top 10 in the whole school.

- My student in ACS scored A for his PSLE English and A* for Science. He used to score borderline result for English and Science

- My Sec 3 student in St Joseph made a leap improvement of 22 marks for his English

- My Sec 4 student in Paya Lebar Methodist Girls scored 1st in the whole cohort for her N level
As a full-time tutor who can start immediately, I will work out the best learning plan and provide customisation in accordance to your child's progress. You can be assured that your child will bring out his/her full potential in his/her learning curve and bridging the learning gap.

I believe in giving a free diagnostic test (English and Maths) before the first lesson to test the student's ability for the particular subject and to ascertain your child's actual education level and weaknesses. The diagnostic test is specially customised by a reputed school teacher and is used by the school. With this diagnostic test, I can tailor an individual educational program depending on the subject to cater to the student's learning pace, thus building a strong academic base for my students.

Like all parents, I, Seah Ai Ling, am committed to see the students learn and grow into professionals.

I apologise that I have to reject parents whose child scores more than 91 marks in Primary 4 to 6 and Secondary levels, and wishes to score 100 marks. I sincerely believe that the child is intelligent and it's purely careless mistakes which can be corrected by oneself. But give me challenges if your child scores lower than 80 marks. I will put in my best effort to turn the result into a magical number that you will be satisfied with.

Please enquire the rates with StarTutor and the package comes with dedicated tutoring and full commitment to my students.

Teaching level and subjects

Primary/ PSLE
English, Maths, Science, Creative Writing, Phonics
Secondary/ O level
English, Maths, E Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Science, Physics/Chem, Bio/Chem
(Top 1%)
Area N, NE, E
Gender Female
Age 41 to 50
Category Ex-Teacher
Occupation Full-time Tutor
Date Joined 07 Mar 2011
Assignments 50
SMS Responses 1
Karimatu Aini's Photo

8619. Karimatu Aini

2009 Bachelor (National University of Singapore)
Bachelor of Science
2005 Diploma (Singapore Polytechnic)
Diploma in Chemical Process Technology (Industrial Chemistry)
2001 GCE O (Boon Lay Secondary School)
English Language (C6), History (C5), Mathematics (A2), Science (Phy/Chem) (A1), Principles of Accounts (B3), Malay (B3), Malay (Oral/Aural) (Distinction)
1996 PSLE (Keming Primary School)
English Language (B), Malay (A), Mathematics (C), Science (C)
NUS, Bachelor of Science in Chemistry

Singapore Polytechnic, Diploma in Chemical Process Technology (Industrial Chemistry)

O Level (Boon Lay Secondary School), English (C6), E Maths (A2), Accounting (B3), Physics/Chem (A1), History (C5), Malay (B3)
I have three years of experience teaching Primary 5 and 6 (EM1, EM2 and EM3) in English, Maths and Science as well as Secondary E. Maths and Chemistry/Physics. I am currently coaching Primary 4,5 and 6 students in English, Maths and Science. I am also tutoring Sec 3 and 4 (Express) in E. Maths, A. Maths and Chemistry/Physics.

Currently tutoring 2 students preparing for PSLE next year, mainly in Maths and Science.
I can start as soon as possible and able to commit for long term assignments. I am dedicated, patient and consistent with the work that I give to my students. I believe that every students have the potential to excel in their studies. I am also willing to give further coaching when the students need more help.

Teaching level and subjects

Primary/ PSLE
English, Malay, Maths, Science, Creative Writing
Secondary/ O level
Maths, E Maths, A Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Accounting, Science, Physics/Chem
Junior College/ A level
International Baccalaureate
English, French
Computer Skills
Photoshop, Office
(Top 1%)
Gender Female
Age 31 to 40
Category Fulltime Tutor
Date Joined 23 Feb 2008
Assignments 50
Cheryl Choo's Photo

2757. Cheryl Choo

1996 Others (L C Loong Services Pte Ltd)
Audit Senior
1993 Bachelor (Nanyang Technological University)
Bachelor of Accountancy
1993 Others (Teh Kwi Huat & Co)
Audit Assistant
1989 GCE A (National Junior College)
Economics (B), Mathematics (A), Principles of Accounts (A), General Paper (C6)
1989 GCE A (National Junior College)
Chinese (A1), Chinese (Oral/Aural) (Merit)
1987 GCE O (Whitley Secondary School)
English Language (A2), Chinese (A1), English Literature (D7), Confucian Ethics (B3), Mathematics (A1), Additional Mathematics (A1), Physics (B4), Chemistry (A2)
Bachelor in Accountancy, NTU
A Level(National JC)- Maths C(A), Accounting(A), Economics(B)
O Level(Whitley Sec)-E Maths(A1), A Maths(A1), English(A2), Chinese(A1)
more than 16 years of tutoring Secondary Maths and Principle of Accounting. Currently teaching Secondary 1 to 5 students on E/Amaths, Principles of Accounting and students on A level/diploma Accounting. Most of my students get A1 for their school and NA/O level exams after I've tutored them.
I can start as soon as possible.

Teaching level and subjects

Secondary/ O level
Maths, E Maths, A Maths, Accounting
Junior College/ A level
(Top 1%)
Gender Female
Age 50 and above
Category Fulltime Tutor
Occupation Full Time Tutor
Date Joined 14 Dec 2006
Assignments 48
Yew Yap Hon's Photo

1340. Yew Yap Hon

2010 NIE (National Institute of Education)
NIE Registration Card
2009 Bachelor (National University of Singapore)
Bachelor of Engineering (Chemical Engineering) (Second Class Upper Honours)
2009 Transcript (National University of Singapore)
Official Transcript, Bachelor of Engineering (Chemical Engineering) (Page 1 of 2)
2009 Transcript (National University of Singapore)
Official Transcript, Bachelor of Engineering (Chemical Engineering) (Page 2 of 2)
2009 MOE Pass (Naval Base Secondary School)
2009 MOE Pass (Naval Base Secondary School)
2005 Others (National University of Singapore)
Asean Undergraduate Scholarship for AY2005/2006
A levels(2004), Physics(A), Mathematics(A), Chemistry(A), Biology(A)
Ex-School teacher(1 year with MOE).

ASEAN undergraduate scholarship holder. Graduated from NUS with a second upper honours degree in chemical engineering.

8 years of A levels and O levels tutoring experience.

Now specialized in teaching A levels Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics.

Had students from almost every JC in singapore. I recognise that different student learn differently hence I will structure the lesson according to their learning ability. Experienced in teaching group tuitions as well.

I teach students skills to solve difficult questions. The difficulty of A levels examination has been increasing over the pass few years, hence it is very important for a tutor to teach students how to tackle questions which require higher order thinking skills. At the initial stage, I will start off with easier questions then slowly move on to higher order thinking questions.

If you engage me, I will put in my best effort to make sure every lesson is effective and the students can improve.

Results of my students in past A levels

2008 - 3 scored straight As.

2009 - 3 scored straight As in 2009 A levels.

Can start as soon as possible and can commit as long as the student still needs me.

Teaching level and subjects

Junior College/ A level
Maths, Physics, Chemistry
International Baccalaureate
Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Further Math
(Top 2%)
Gender Male
Age 31 to 40
Category Ex-Teacher
Occupation Full Time Tutor
Date Joined 07 Jul 2006
Assignments 39
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