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You get to enjoy the following:
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  • Commission is charged from tutor

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We will take your request by phone too! Call us at 92234303 or 97116692 or 91458378. We will answer your queries and assess your needs.
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You currently do not have any tutors in your list. You can submit a list of your preferred tutors together with your request. Search tutors here.
You currently do not have any tutors in your list. You can submit a list of your preferred tutors together with your request. Click here to view tutors.

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Terms and Conditions

You can skip the terms but read this:
1. There is no trial lesson and there is no contract to complete a fixed number of lessons.

2. You can terminate the tuition anytime and only pay for the lessons given by the tutor.

3. 50% commission of the first month is levied on the tutor but collected from you (bank transfer or cheque)

For Customer Requesting for Tutor

  1. Tutor Database

    1. StarTutor attempts to be as accurate as possible. However, StarTutor does not guarantee that the description of the tutor is accurate, complete, reliable, current, or error-free.
    2. StarTutor provides the tutor database for online sorting and filtering as it is.
  2. Availability of Preferred Tutors

    1. The 'Add to My Tutors' function only serves to provide customers with a means of indicating their preferred tutors.
    2. The availability of preferred tutors is subject to the tutors' schedule. StarTutor does not guarantee that the customer will be assigned his / her preferred tutor(s).

    Availability of StarTutor Pro

    1. StarTutor does not guarantee that the customer will be assigned his / her preferred tutor(s) even if the tutor has indicated availability in his /her online schedule for the selected timeslots.
  3. Tuition Rates for Normal Tutors

    1. The rates stated on are obtained based on tutors' recent quotations and therefore should only serve as a guide. Tutors charge different rates depending on their qualifications and experience.
    2. The rate table is divided into three different categories of undergraduates, full-time tutors and teachers. The rate stated is fairly accurate as it is based on the current market rates and is reviewed frequently.

    Tuition Rates for StarTutor Pro

    1. The rates stated for StarTutor Pro varies amongst individual tutors and are obtained based on the tutors' qualifications and relevant experience.
    2. These rates are non-negotiable for the first month.
    3. StarTutor reserves the right to amend the rates stated on StarTutor Pro at any time.
  4. Place of Tuition

    1. The assigned tutor will teach at the residence of the customer by default unless otherwise indicated by you and you are to provide a reasonable environment for the conduct of lessons.
  5. First Lesson

    1. You are required to check the credentials and certificates of the tutor on the first lesson if the scanned copy is not available on our site.
    2. It is your responsibility to ensure that the tutor's credentials and qualifications are satisfactory.
  6. Termination of Service or Change of Tutor

    1. If you are not satisfied with the tutor, you can change the tutor with no additional charge.
    2. There is no obligation or contract to complete a fixed number of lessons.
    3. You need to pay the tutor for the number of lesson given prior to termination.
  7. Tuition Rate

    1. Tutors are not allowed to change the tuition rates for the first month.
    2. You should inform StarTutor immediately if the tutor tries to re-negotiate the tuition rates.
    3. The tutor may re-negotiate the tuition rates after the first month but you can request for a change of tutor.
  8. Service Provided

    1. StarTutor does not guarantee improvements in the tutee's grades.
  9. Payment

    1. StarTutor levies a commission from the tutor which is 50% of the fees for the first month or 50% of the amount of the lessons given if the service is terminated before completion of the first month.
    2. StarTutor will collect the commission charges from you and will issue a bill by mail or email after the second week of lessons.
    3. You have two weeks to make payment from the date the bill is sent.
    4. You can pay the tuition commission by: (1) Cheque, (2) ATM funds transfer or (3) Internet Banking. Details of the payment will be made available in the bill.
  10. Typographical Errors in Bill

    1. In the event you received a bill with incorrect figures due to typographical errors, StarTutor will cancel the bill and void the billing information.
    2. You will receive a new bill for the correct amount.
    3. If you have made payment before the bill was cancelled, StarTutor will refund you or collect the extra amount if any.
Thank you for filling up this tutor request form. We'll call you up soon to confirm your request.