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StarTutor Pro is an exclusive program where we invite only the best tutors. It was started in 2007 as a way for customers to differentiate the great from good. It was so popular with our customers that we ran out of Pro tutors for them. We are launching StarTutor Pro again this year with more tutors and limiting the number of pros at any one time to twenty.

Pro tutors have exceptional qualities in teaching. They have caught our attention with their high ranks or their consistently good feedbacks from our customers.

Meet the Pros

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What so special about Pro?

Exclusive Exclusive
Our pro tutors cannot be found anywhere else. They have agreed to take assignments only from us. Therefore, you can be assured of the rates they quote in their profile under their teaching areas.

Stringent Selection Stringent Selection
Our selection process for pro tutors are very stringent. We select based on the feedbacks we get from parents or students and the number of successful assignments taken. If we receive bad feedbacks, the tutor will not be considered.

Extensive Interview
During the interview, we test the tutors by getting them to teach. We then judge their ability to articulate and explain concepts. We also analyse their character and understand more about their beliefs and principles. You can ask to speak to the coordinators who interviewed the tutor for more details.

We demand high standards from our Pro tutors and we engage our customers to find out if the tutor has done a great job. If a pro tutor has not perform up to expectation, feedback to us immediately and we will investigate the matter.

Do you know of a tutor who has the qualities of a Pro? Recommend him/her and we'll invite the tutor down for an interview.

Want to be a Pro?

If you have exceptional qualities to be a StarTutor Pro, you may submit your StarTutor Pro application under your tutor account. However, you need to meet these minimum requirements before applying for one:
  • Have an active StarTutor account.
  • Taken at least an assignment with us before.
  • At least an undergraduate.
  • Have a good track record with our coordinators and customers
You need to pay a $60 administrative fee for successful application upon passing the interview. Our interviewers will be there to chat with you, scan any relevant certificates you have and do a write-up for you. Having an interview session does not guarantee you to be a StarTutor Pro. We will inform you of the outcome after the interview.

Still interested? Login to your tutor account and submit your application to join the Pro now.