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Updated on: 18 Nov 2008
Important: We understand it is common for other tuition agencies to offer their database on a subscription basis. Our database is not for sale and there are audit logs for any access or changes made to the database. We treat our customer's data with utmost security and privacy. This job is not for your own personal use of the database. We will not entertain any emails on such enquiries.

Job Position as Full-time Tuition Coordinator

StarTutor has been growing rapidly in the recent months and we are looking for full-time coordinators to handle tuition requests. The status of this position is: Open
Application Details
  1. What to send: If you are interested, send us a cover letter of not more than 250 words and a 1-page resume.
  2. Attention it to: Human Resource Manager
  3. Email to:
  • We will contact you for an interview if you are selected. (See the last paragraph for interview tips)
  • You can choose to reject the position after the selection process.
  • Your information and application will remain private with us and will not be sold. Read our privacy policy for more information.
Getting Started
We have received many applications since we put this position up and we are very happy that there are so many passionate people out there. We would like to share some tips with you on how you can do better and increase your chances of getting an interview.
  • You must have a cover letter and it should preferably be written in the email body.
  • Your cover letter should tell us why this job is for you. Be creative!
  • Do not write more than 1 page for your resume. We will not read past the first page. Academic results are not necessary.
  • Your resume should be formatted nicely and have ample spacing so that it can be read comfortably. The best way of presenting your resume is writing it in a Word document and attaching it in your email.
  • Attach a photograph of yourself in your resume.
Job Scope
StarTutor is an online web based portal where coordinators help parents or students to look for tutors. Coordinators are expected to provide high quality service and should possess the right attitude. Coordinators will be:
  • Communicating with customers to understand their requirements and needs of their preferred tutors and recording the details of the request.
  • Communicating with tutors to ensure their availability and willingness in taking up the requests.
  • Billing and payment collection is handled by other departments, thus a coordinator should only focus on coordinating tuition assignments.
What We Need
  • Coordinators must be fluent in English.
  • You will need to possess good communication skills and be able to handle different types of customers.
  • You need to be committed in handling tuition requests.
  • Candidates who have experience in customer service will be an advantage.
  • Further expectations will be stated clearly to you before you agree to take up this position.
Working Environment
  • You can work from home, or anywhere that has an Internet connection.
  • You will be required to use your own desktop/laptop that has access to the Internet.
  • You will be required to use your own home phone/mobile phone to speak with the customer.
  • The entire coordinating process is done online (from tracking tutors to sending SMS).
  • You enjoy flexible working hours and can expect a young and fun company culture!
Expected Pay
  • Coordinators earn a commission up to 50% for each successful assignment.
  • The exact details will be presented to you if you are selected for interview.
If are selected for interview...
  • You do not have to dress formally but do dress smartly.
  • The interview will last for about 30 min
  • Some of the interview questions are scenario-based.
  • The interview is usually conducted on Saturday.
  • Arrive on time!