Singapore Tuition Agency

What is Certificate Verified?

When you see the icon, it means StarTutor holds a digital copy of the certificate. The certificate is a full image of the certificate that has the tutor's name, the school/organisation emblem and the text on the certificate is legible. The account moderator does a strict job in ensuring that the certifcates are received in good condition. Incomplete and low resolution certificates are rejected immediately.
As a customer who hires a tutor from us with the certificates verified, you will automatically be emailed with an encoded link that allows you to download all the certs in pdf.

What is NRIC Verified?

Similar to the verifying certificate, StarTutor also allows the tutor to upload their NRIC (scanned on both sides) to our server and we will check that the details on the NRIC matches that of their tutor profile (NRIC number, Date of Birth and Address). The tutor is then awarded a icon.