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How do I use "Match My Tutor"?

When viewing tutors, there is a powerful feature call "Match My Tutor".

The criterias available for you to choose in the left column:
1. Subject levels
2. Subjects that the tutor teaches
3. Tutor category: whether you wish to view only full-time tutor, teachers, etc
4. NRIC Verified: If you select NRIC verified, only tutors that upload their NRIC will be shown
5. Certificates Verified: If you select Yes, tutors who uploaded their certs will be shown
6. School: You can filter tutors right down to the specific school. You may type Victoria Junior College and all tutors from that school will appear.

In the right columns, you have the following:
1. Select your area: This is area that you live in. If you are not sure, fill in the district field instead.
2. District: Enter the first two digit of your postal code and we will determine the district for you. All tutors who inidicated interest to teach in this district will be shown.
3. Gender preference: Do you prefer a male or female tutor?
4. With Photo: Only tutors with photo will be shown.
5. Age Range: You can choose tutors in a specific age range
6. StarTutor Pro: We have an exclusive list of tutors that are personally interviewed by us which you can choose to view them.
7. Sort by: Allows you to sort your results
8. Number of results of per page: How many tutors you want to view on each page

This is the same search function that our coordinators are using and now you have power to filter and sort tutors in our database.

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