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Receiving and responding to request SMS

To receive request SMS from us:
1. You need to set your status to Available in your StarTutor account.
2. Have a valid mobile number (fixed line are automatically filtered out by the system).
3. Indicate appropriate areas and subjects

When you receive the SMS for tuition request, it will contain details on the
1. Area,
2. Subject level (eg. Sec1, Jc2),
3. Subjects,
4. Frequency and duration per month (4x1.5hr/mth),
5. Timing (weekdays 5pm),
6. The rate per hour (if customer has a budget),
7. Signed off with the coordinator's name

Ex. Hi, Sec4 PHY tuition at 2 Jurong East. 4x1.5hr/mth. Sunday afternoon only. Quote me your rates and schedule. - John, StarTutor

Responding to SMS:
1. Always respond with your rate and schedule
2. If you keep receiving SMS that do not meet your criteria, you need to check your account subjects and area. If you do not respond to many SMS, we will stop sending you SMS
3. Always respond courteously (coordinator can give positive impression rating for polite tutors and deduct ratings for rude tutors)
4. Only give a positive response if you are sure you can meet the requirement (location, subjects and timing)

The coordinator may not give you a response if your tutor profile was rejected by the customer. If your tutor profile was accepted, the coordinator will follow up with you accordingly.

To stop receiving request SMS, simply set your tutor account status to Busy

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