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Tutor Ranking Explained

Rank is the position of the tutor among his/her peer. Rank 1 is the highest rank followed by rank 2 and so forth. The percentile beside the rank position gives you a gauge of the rank position. A percentile of 10% would mean the tutor is in the top 10% of all the tutors available. The rank position is calculated on a daily basis at 1am.

Your tutor ranking is important. It is based on how high we rate you as a tutor. It determines how much pageview you get from parents or students searching for tutors. On the back end, our coordinators also use the ranking system to determine who gets more sms for tuition request.

Having a higher ranking means you have more choices when it comes to assignment and you generally get to quote a higher rate than other tutors.

The ranking system promotes tutors who have good grades, write up their profile, consistent in updating it, replying to our sms and following up with the students properly. Visit the Top Ranking Tutors page and see how the top few are doing it.

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