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Tutor Rating table

The tutor rating you received is based on your qualification, experience and feedback. It affects your ranking directly. Click here for important information on Ranking.
The table below shows how your rating is calculated:

Qualification Rating

Your qualification rating is automatically updated when your certificates are verified.
GCE A LevelA Level Subjects (A)1
H1 GP (A1)1
H2 Subjects (A)1
H3 Paper or S Paper (Distinction/ Merit)1
International Baccalaureate (IB)24 to 291
30 to 342
35 to 393
40 to 454
Local or Overseas DegreeFirst Class
Highest Honours
Summa Cum Laude
Second Class Upper
Class Two Divison One
Magna Cum Laude
Second Class Lower
Class Two Divison Two
Cum Laude
Third Class, Pass with Merit or Pass1
University ScholarshipOnly a maximum of one1
PHD / MastersAny2
MOE RelevanceNIE Trainee2
MOE Teacher Pass3
Music (ABRSM, Trinity)Grade 8 and above (Per Theory and Practical)1
IdentificationNRIC only (Scan both sides)1

Experience Rating

Given based on how much you write in your profile and the number of successful assignments completed with StarTutor.
AssignmentAssigned, Collected+1
Waiting, Deleted, Rejected0
Experience FieldYou should write up your experience field properly.
Even if you have no experience, write about yourself.
Leaving this field empty.-1
501 to 1000 Characters+1
1001 to 1500 Characters+2
Commitment FieldGive a rough time frame you are able to teach until.
Leaving this field empty


3. Feedback

Given based on how active you are and how positive your responses are.
SMS ResponseFor each SMS response received in the last 90 days. (Max Limit +5pt)+0.1
ImpressionGiven by coordinators based on the response of the tutors. It is not necessary for coordinators to give impression point. If tutors are rude, negative points are awarded. If tutors are polite and respond quickly, positive points are awarded. (Max Limit: -5pt to 5pt)Any
Districts IndicatedFor each district indicated above 15 districts.
(Max Limit -5pt)
* We penalise for exessive indication of district as (1) it reduces the chances of other tutors getting assignments and (2) tutors do not indicate it properly and often reject assignment on the reason of far distance after indicating the district.
Updated ScheduleUpdated less than 30 days ago+1
Last LoginLogin less than 30 days ago+1
Login more than 90 days ago-1
Login more than 360 days ago-2
FeedbackGiven by customers who fills in the feedback form that is sent out with the bill.-1 to +1 per feedback
Progress WrittenFor each progress report more than 200 characters written in the last 90 days. (Max +5pt)
* You need to obtain an assignment from us first before you can write progress reports for the student. Progress reports are emailed to the student automatically and we monitor excessive submission that do not contribute to helping the student.

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