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How to scan certificates?

If you are using the scanning program provided by your scanner, you only need to take note that you have to scan at 100Dpi. It is important to scan at 100Dpi, higher resolutions would produce images at too large a filesize for you to upload. If you took you qualification using a digital camera, scroll down to see how you can optimise the file size.

If you are unsure how to scan, we have provided the steps below that should on most Windows XP systems.

1. Click on the Start menu and look under accessories for Scanner and Camera Wizard

2. You should see this screen with your scanner model name

3. Choose custom settings

4. Select 100dpi, click Ok and Next

5. Select a filename and choose a directory

6. Wait for the scanning to complete

Optimsing the scanned certificate

Your scanned certificate should around 600kb in size. If you wish to optimise the file size to 110kb so you can upload faster, continue on.

Before that, you need the freeware program infranview which can be found at
Proceed once you have installed the program.

1. Open the scanned image in infranview

2. Re-save the image

3. Select file type and check show options dialogue box

4. Move the slider to 60 in the options box. Click save and you are done.

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