Singapore Tuition Agency

Benefits of a tutor with StarTutor

A StarTutor account comes with many features that you will find nowhere else. Register as a tutor today.

Account Features

Instant Updating

No more boring forms. Just click on the fields you want to change and update it on the spot. Enough assignment? Switch your status from "Available" to "Busy" to immediately stop receiving SMS requests.

Group Tuition

Want to leverage your teaching effort with more students? You can do so in StarTutor by creating your own tuition groups. Setting up your own tuition class schedule and pricing, you are as good as running your tuition business here. As usual, a map will be provided for you to show your tuition location to our customers.

Advanced Ratings and Ranking System

Your profiles are rated in the areas of qualification, experience and feedback. These ratings are affected by how well you respond to request and your attitude in taking up the assignment. Based on your ratings, you are given a rank that measures where you stand among all the tutors.


Indicating your available schedule is easy as clicking on the slot that you are available and the slot will turn blue. Your profile shows your updated schedule instantly.

Photo Cropping

Uploading a group photo but only want to show yourself? Use our cropping tool to upload and crop your photo on the spot. Your photo will appear in the correct dimension with only what you want to show.

Stay Connected

Facebook Integration

Link your facebook account to StarTutor account and load the latest tuition requests from within your facebook account.

Add a Buddy

You can add fellow tutors to your Buddy list. They will show up in your profile and you can even engage in online messaging with them.

Easy-to-remember URL

Advertise your tutor profile to world with an easy-to-remember url that ends with your tutor id:

RSS Feeds

StarTutor RSS feeds are provided for you to keep in touch with us regarding our news and most importantly new requests.


Request Map

Latest tuition requests are shown on the Google Map which gives you the location and details of the request. Easily switch between subject icons and time icons. You won't find this anywhere else.


You can place yourself on the Request Map converting your postal code or address to a geocode. Your account comes with such a facility that does it automatically for you.

Indicate Your Interest

Indicating interest is as easy as clicking the marker on the request map. If you indicate your interest, your profile is highlighted on our side. It gets our attention and increase your chances of getting an offer.

SMS Broadcast

Our SMS server is designed to get tuition requests out to you fast. The first batch of SMS is sent out within minutes of a new request. If you are competing with tutors from other agencies, you'll want our speed and efficiency.


First Lesson Reminder

Receive timely SMS reminders (phone numbers and address) on the day before the first lesson. You'll never miss out on your first assignment.

Assignment Details

Full details of all your assignment are kept in your tutor profile. Use them as a reference of your experience to market yourself in tuition. Lost the phone number of your student? Login to retrieve them.

Location of Assignment

At StarTutor, we know location matters to you. Our system is fully integrated with Google Maps and all assignments are geographically tagged. When you receive the First Lessson confirmation email, you can get special link that shows you the place of tuition, the nearest bus stops, bus services and even driving directions form your current location.


Unlimited Storage

Your account comes with unlimited storage space for your certificates. Upload as many as you want and retrieve them online anytime.

Certificate Verified

All your certificates are manually verified by us. We key in the school/organisation and grades attained for you. Your tutor profile will show a certificates verified icon once the verification process is successful.

NRIC Verified

For complete assurance of your profile, scan and upload both sides of your NRIC and you will receive the NRIC verified icon. Now, customers can be sure that you are the tutor they are hiring.

Complete control over how your certs are displayed

If you do not wish to display certain grades, you can hide it out using the grade modifiers. Not wishing to show the subject too, just blot it out. You can also arrange how your certs are displayed. Want to show your A level certs first? Put in the order modifier to bump it up.

PDF Certs for Parents

All your uploaded certificates are compiled into a pdf water-marked with our logo. Before each assignment, the parent or student will receive a confirmation email that includes a link download the pdf and verify your certifcate. No more hassle of bringing your certificates around.

Progress and Feedback

Entering Progress

Progress record allows you to write what you done for the student after every lesson. A copy of the progress record will be sent to customer's email. Start adding value for your students today.

Progress Rating

Each progress record you create lets parents/students add their comment and rating to it. Refer to them to improve your teaching skills.

Feedback Forms

Every bill sent to parent contains the link to the online feedback form. Increase your rating by receiving feedback rating from parent. Be passionate in your teaching and you will be rewarded with a jump in your tutor rating.